4 Ways you can work efficiently with Unified Communications

Unified Communications

4 Ways you can work efficiently with Unified Communications

The ability to work efficiently in any environment has never been more valuable for businesses. With the rise of remote working, people can be cut off from much of their office technology. Combined with the shake-up to our work processes and schedules, this has made things difficult for many teams. Thankfully, there are ways to guarantee that your team always stay connected. One of these is Unified Communications. UC allows your team to access all your office communications systems from a device of your choice.

As you can imagine, being able to call, message and video conference with your team remotely can be incredibly useful. The utility of UC goes even deeper than this though. There are a range of uses that extend to just about any industry. That’s what we’re here to explore today. At One Connectivity we believe that this service is key to reconnecting with remote staff, so we’ve put together our guide to 4 ways that UC can enhance your business’ efficiency.

Unified Communications

1. Collaborate, anywhere

One of the things that has been impacted the most by the rise of remote working is collaboration. Due to no longer being in the office, team spirit and a collaborative environment is severely lacking for many businesses. UC has many features that can help you here.

Firstly, Unified Communications gives you access to video conferencing from a device of your choice. Through this, you can quickly and easily arrange group meetings with your colleagues. Whether you are collaborating on important strategy or just catching up, this recreates that water-cooler environment that is essential for businesses to run smoothly.

File-sharing is also included within your UC package, so you can collaborate on documents with your team easily.


2. Stay Connected with customers

When communicating with your customers, even when working remotely, professionalism is key. No customer enjoys having their connection drop out or having a conversation with someone with poor audio quality. This is where UC thrives. Giving you access to the same call and video functionality that you would be used to in the office can be a massive help to your customer facing staff. This allows you to always maintain a high degree of professionalism.

Presence systems come in handy here too. Unified Communications services come equipped with a presence system that allows you to set whether you are available to communicate or are away from your workspace. This means that your team can see whether you are available to assist with a customer call at any time. Or if your customer has a query, you can get in contact with any available colleagues to get the right answers quickly.


3. Access your office technology

When working from home, it often feels like you are not working with a full arsenal. Many of your specialist tools for communication and productivity might only be accessible on your office devices. This lack of equipment can lead to many teams struggling. With a UC app though, you can access all your features, even down to the details.

When working through a UC app, you can use your laptop, mobile or tablet to handle your business calls, while even keeping your office number. It isn’t just about communications though; UC services integrate with the productivity and scheduling tools you use as well. From Outlook to many major CRMs, Unified Communications help you to work with the tools you need, when you need them. Even many industry specific CRMs work perfectly alongside UC, no matter which sector you work in.


4. Communicate Quickly

So far, we have discussed how Unified Communications is beneficial for remote workers. This is of course crucial, but there are a variety of benefits that UC can have once you are back in the office. One of these is the speed at which you can get in touch with customers and colleagues.

For many businesses time is money, and the best technology works to support this. With a UC platform, all the contact details and information you need are at your fingertips. If you need to get in touch with a colleague urgently, you can use search functions to find their number. For clients, click-to-call features allow you to start communicating at the press of a button.

Instant messaging functionality allows you to really get the information you need fast. It’s more than just sending a text though. Your UC client will keep a record of information and contact details to be used again in future. These features combine to allow you to communicate quickly, whenever you need to.


We hope this guide has shone a light on exactly where a Unified Communications platform could benefit your business. For more information about UC, and a range of other communications and connectivity products, get in touch with our team at 0115 896 88 60. Or visit our Unified Communications page to find out more.


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