Our Business CCTV Solutions

Here at One Connectivity, we understand the importance of keeping your business safe and secure. This doesn’t just end with your IT services and business phone system, this extends to your physical premises, team, and company assets.


We provide 24/7 CCTV security systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes, catering to unique requirements. As we’ve moved towards a more remote-first working approach, now more than ever, it’s important to have an extra pair of eyes.


Our CCTV solutions allow you to keep a pulse on activity on your premises from any location. Through a dedicated app, you’ll be alerted to any suspicious activity, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are. Our expertise in installation, maintenance and connectivity means you can be confident that your property is secure.

Why do I need CCTV services?

· Deter criminals, keep thieves and vandals away
· Get 360° security of your building
· Keep your team and your visitors safe
· 24/7 security
· Reduce insurance costs
· Protect your business against legal claims
· Provide police with high-quality security footage
· Off-site, remote surveillance
· Full peace of mind

Our CCTV Packages

Whether you’re a business with no CCTV, or you’re running on outdated technology, it’s time to harness the benefits of modern security technology. With our CCTV solutions, you get crystal clear images, unlike CCTV of the past.


Our cameras are designed to connect seamlessly alongside the rest of your business’ IT systems, and recordings are stored securely without the need for a large amount of bandwidth. Plus, if you expand your operation or need a new area covered, simply get in touch and we’ll install a new device that connects to your existing network.


We make CCTV simple and secure.

Why choose us?

No matter what support you need, we have the right industry experience and expertise to find a package bespoke to you. We tailor all our products to the needs of your business.


Some companies just want to upsell the most expensive products. Not us. We want you to have the tools you need to work better, scale with ease, and stay secure.


What does this look like? A consultative approach that takes account of your whole business, your budget, and your plans.


Get in touch to find out about out CCTV packages.


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