Dedicated service

Obviously, there are plenty of huge companies offering calls and lines. But what happens when you have a query? Normally you have to wait to get through to a call centre, where you talk to a different person every time. It can all start to feel a little impersonal. Not with us though. At One Connectivity you’ll have a dedicated account manager, who’s always available for questions and troubleshooting. Our size and our passion for service allow us to offer the personal touch.

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High availability

If your phones go down for even a few minutes, it’s a nightmare. Your customers are frustrated. Your workload is backing up. And if it lasts any longer, your business and reputation will suffer. The good news is that here at One Connectivity, we’re specialists in preventing that! We take every step to make sure phone lines are resilient, keeping availability high and work ticking over.

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The Benefits

A range of options

We offer multiple line solutions to suit organisations of all sizes. Whether you want analogue, digital or IP handsets, we will advise, install and connect you. We’ll guide you through every step of the process with your business in mind, so that you’re always making an informed decision.

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Fair and transparent pricing

Here’s what you won’t get from us: hidden charges, unclear billing and sudden unexplained price hikes. We consolidate billing so it’s completely clear, and your account manager will monitor your usage to make sure you’re not paying for more than you need. That’s the sort of ongoing, proactive customer care you can expect from One Connectivity.

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The world’s longest telecom cable is called SEA-ME-WE 3. Not a very catchy name, but it’s impressive. It connects South East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe, and measures 24,000 miles

Easy switching

In our experience, the number one fear with switching lines is disruption. What if you have a day off the phones? Most businesses would suffer from that. Well, at One Connectivity we can prevent it, ensuring a seamless migration. We can transfer your lines and numbers without a minute of downtime. We can also arrange to transfer numbers during out of ours or over the weekend for an additional fee.


Client Story

One Connectivity look after our office telephone system along with our mobile phones, very good customer service, nothing is too much trouble, They are fast and efficient when we have an issue so I would highly recommend One Connectivity for all you telecom needs.

Michaela Bray, LA BROOK OSSETT


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