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Boost productivity and let customer experience shine with a cutting-edge unified communications (UC) solution from One Connectivity. UC combines all of your essential business communications and collaboration tools into one easy-to-use platform. Our UC solutions work across a range of devices including PCs, smart phones and desk phones. Upgrade your business flexibility and improve customer service by connecting to your communications platform from any internet connection.

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Boost productivity and efficiency with UC

Our UC solutions bring together voice, video, conference calling, screen sharing, instant messaging and more. With all this functionality within one platform, your team saves time by not having to flick between apps, which saves time on all these essential processes. Combining all of your business communication tools into one seamless platform creates unprecedented synergy. By providing new opportunities for collaboration between staff, UC helps you get answers to your clients sooner, transforming customer outcomes.

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The perfect UC solution, CONNECT for iPECS Cloud brings all your notification and communication tools into one easy to use interface. Integrating seamlessly with your software, CONNECT creates a smooth user experience with efficiency and productivity at its centre. A cloud-based software, CONNECT enables your team to work from anywhere, no matter their location. Having access to all your cloud services in one place brings switching between screens and apps to an end, leaving your team to enjoy one centralised, effortless communication platform.

The Benefits

Work from anywhere

Our UC apps work across devices including laptop, desktop, iOS and Android smartphones, and tablets. This means you can access all of the features of your office phone system on the go, or working from home. Embrace enterprise mobility and boost your team’s productivity, flexibility and morale.

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Apps for all

UC transforms communication, but there’s so much more to it than that. With One Connectivity, you can also integrate a powerful range of sector-specific apps. This includes call recording and analytics tools that enhance quality assurance and deepen your understanding of your business. You can even add your CRM, to make customer-facing operations more efficient than ever.


Team Collaboration

Our UC solutions include powerful tools that enable your team to collaborate effectively. These include voice and video chat, instant messaging, file sharing and more. The out-of-box presence feature allows team members to discover each other’s availability meaning time is saved on all internal communications.

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Cost Effective

We understand that businesses have to be cost-conscious. UC allows you to meet that need without any compromise on quality. For a start, it means you no longer have to pay for multiple systems. But it also speeds up your essential routines – and more efficient work costs less.

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Remote Working

Embrace flexibility with apps that work on every device. Our UC solutions employ the latest cloud technology to make your business communications platform available from wherever your staff choose to work. The advanced mobile and desktop apps enhance collaboration among your remote teams, putting enterprise-grade functionality in the pocket of staff.

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Our UC solutions integrate deeply with a huge range of third-party CRMs, as well as Microsoft’s Teams business productivity suite. Integrating UC with your CRM unlocks incredible features like click-to-dial and screen-popping, helping you get answers to your clients quicker and improving customer outcomes.


Disaster Recovery

Migrating your communications system to the cloud is perhaps the best way to upgrade your business’ agility, adaptability, and resilience. Cloud systems like ours protect your phone system against power cuts, connectivity outages or any other issue that prevents you from working in your office. In the event of a disaster in your office, simply sign in to the mobile or desktop app from any connection to automatically re-route your calls to you.

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Our cloud-based UC solutions don’t put any obstacles in the way of your expansion, enabling practically unlimited scalability. The unique architecture makes keeping track of a growing workforce simple, providing tools and features that promote seamless multi-site management. One Connectivity handles everything for you, from security patches to hardware upgrades.

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Client Story

I couldn’t be more pleased with our experience using One Connectivity for our company’s VoIP and mobile services. Their solutions are reliable and tailored to fit our specific needs, which is exactly what we were looking for.



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