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Proper, professional cabling makes all the difference to your connectivity, by ensuring that you’re running at top speed throughout your premises. Since every building is different, no two cabling jobs are the same. Luckily, we’ve got the experience and expertise to see through any cabling job, however big or small. With One Connectivity, you’ll get a bespoke plan and full installation to go with it.








Ultra-Reliable Enterprise WiFi

Let’s be blunt: a lot of businesses have the wrong type of WiFi installed. There are masses of different brands and devices available on the market, each with their own merits. But many SMEs choose the same setup as they have at home, which simply means their network is either too slow or inadequate to run all the processes they need. Even worse, some overpay for far more than they need, wasting thousands in the process. We’ll help you find the right WiFi solution – so you’re always connected and never overpaying, with the right equipment inplace to suit your exact needs.

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The Benefits

A fair price

For all your connectivity, there’s a balance to be struck. If you underpay, you lose time and business from slow systems. If you overpay, you waste money and end up with more than you need. In our view, the way to get the balance right is through trusted experts. We’re not interested in upselling for the sake of it – we want our customers to have the fastest, most reliable connections they can afford.

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Easy problem-solving

If your cabling isn’t structured (say, if it resembles tangled spaghetti) and something goes wrong, it can be a nightmare trying to locate the problem. With structured cabling, it’s easy. This means that small problems like a busted cable don’t have to escalate into big problems – like spending an hour trying to find a busted cable.

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Scientists aren’t sure why, but data cables that run under the ocean are often attacked by sharks. Google now coats cables in bullet-proof Kevlar.

Rock-solid connectivity

We’re tried and trusted experts when it comes to structured cabling. What that means is that we can ensure that your connection is faster, more secure and more reliable than it could ever be without a bespoke solution.

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Client Story

Steve at One Connectivity couldn’t do enough for us, even when we asked stupid questions! Very thorough after customer service too. We would always recommend these guys and girls. Thank you.

Robert Greensmith


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