Wi-Fi has seen significant growth in the past few years and is integral to how we live and work in todays society. Business Enterprise Wi-Fi is fast becoming more a requirement than a necessity for day to day activity. One Connectivity’s experience and expertise in Enterprise Wi-Fi enables us to offer you a bespoke solution based on your business needs.

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Ultra-Reliable Enterprise Wi-Fi

Let’s be blunt: a lot of businesses have the wrong type of Wi-Fi installed. There are masses of different brands and devices available on the market, each with their own merits. But many SMEs choose the same setup as they have at home, which simply means their network is either too slow or inadequate to run all the processes they need. Even worse, some overpay for far more than they need, wasting thousands in the process. We’ll help you find the right Wi-Fi solution – so you’re always connected and never overpaying, with the right equipment inplace to suit your exact needs.

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The Benefits

A fair price

For all your connectivity, there’s a balance to be struck. If you underpay, you lose time and business from slow systems. If you overpay, you waste money and end up with more than you need. In our view, the way to get the balance right is through trusted experts. We’re not interested in upselling for the sake of it – we want our customers to have the fastest, most reliable connections they can afford.

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Our market leading solution enables our engineering team to configure the Wi-Fi access points in-house resulting in a completely smooth and efficient installation for each customer. Time onsite is kept to a minimum to allow each business to carry on as normal without too much disruption.

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Unbelievably in a world of jargon and acronyms, Wi-Fi doesn’t mean anything! It’s been widely documented that it’s a play on words with Hi-Fi.


Wi-Fi installed – tick, invoice paid – tick, now what? Our solution has live monitoring software with iOS/android apps to check singular areas or indeed across multiple sites. Coverage drops, incident reports, network errors are all important to resolve in quickly and timely manner, One Connectivity’s managed Wi-Fi solution takes care of that and could be resolved before you are even made aware.

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Client Story

We have saved no end of money by swapping our phones and internet services to them. All the staff are really helpful, and get you sorted as soon as they can. A pleasure to do business with. Rob in particular spent so much time with me, getting everything correct and making sure that nothing was going astray, a credit to his employer.



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