What’s on-hold marketing?

Instead of generic hold music, you can play custom messages to callers. This could be anything from promotional messages to important service updates. Your callers are already interested in your business – why not make the most of that? Through One Connectivity, your bespoke messages can be delivered by professional voice actors, to give the best possible impression.

Why do I need it?

First impressions matter. And for many of your customers, their first impression of your business will be when they’re calling. Poor-quality hold music can be annoying, so why not do something better? Every call is potential business, and on-hold marketing allows you to cross-sell with no additional effort.


We will manage messaging, advise on scripts and arrange for professional actors. This gives your messaging the authoritative edge you need to stand out from the crowd. You can choose from a range of voices, to match the tone of your brand.

The Benefits

Create sales leads

Every minute your customers spend on hold is a sales opportunity waiting to be taken. You’ve got a captive audience with an interest in your company – so why not use the time to promote your business? Whether it’s a new promotion or general info, on-hold marketing turns hold time into a marketing channel.

Reduce lost calls

If you’ve got no on-hold messaging or music, customers are more likely to hang up before they get through. Some of those customers will never call back. The right on-hold messaging will reassure callers and make sure that you don’t lose business.

Improve your image

It’s not complicated – if you look and sound professional, your customers’ trust in your business will increase. Your on-hold messaging is another one of those little details that customers pay attention to. Professional voice actors and up-to-date messaging will give callers the reassurance that you mean business.

Update your customers

On-hold marketing is a great way to keep customers informed about your latest updates and offers. It can be difficult to get the word out about the additional services that you provide, but on-hold marketing allows you to engage with a wide variety of potential customers. We’ve also seen this service work well in schools, where quick updates help to keep parents informed.

Samples and Ordering

Use the below players to hear our broad range of voices and backing tracks. To order and manage your messaging, you can use our simple web-portal, where you can upload any new messages that you want to include.

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