Blazing fast internet for your premises

Don’t settle for sub-standard internet connectivity that slows down how you work. Here at One Connectivity, we can offer you blazing fast internet connections that give your office the speed and bandwidth it needs. We’ll provide what you need – whether it’s a low-cost fibre connection, fibre to the premises, or even a private leased line with incredibly low latency. We can offer connections that suit the demands of your team, enabling them to work the way they should – with no restrictions holding them back. And with all that speed at your disposal, your team will be able to become fully cloud connected.

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Leased Lines


Built for demanding teams

Whether your office consists of a few team members or thousands of them, we can advise and assist. One Connectivity can provide internet connections that meet your bandwidth and speed demands, giving you access to as many online apps as you need, rapid access to cloud storage, and flawless video and voice calling.


The Benefits

Ultra-smooth video meetings

With fibre connectivity, your team can run video meetings all day everyday knowing they will be glitch free. Say goodbye to the jerky video issues and those annoying sound to video sync errors. By installing fibre, you can rest assured your meetings will go to plan.

Team video conference

Designed for cloud apps

Take full advantage of all the amazing cloud apps now available to use online. From Office 365 to AutoCAD Online, when you use cloud apps over a fast internet connection, you get to use them to their full potential, giving you the best experience possible. Don’t be restricted to certain apps due to speed issues – unleash thtrue potential of your team.

Cloud applications


1Gbps connectivity, from City fibre, will be accessible to 5 million homes by 2025. BT plans to have their full fibre network completed by 2033.

Online document sharing

By implementing a fast internet connection your team can access company files online, in an instant. This makes them far more productive and less frustrated when waiting for files to upload and download, which restricts their workflow.

Cloud document loading

Client Story

One Connectivity definitely have the most important ingredient that many companies in the UK lack, they have Customer Service & after Sales Service in bucket loads. If it’s these two ingredients your looking for and much, much more get in touch, you won’t be disappointed.


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