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What’s the advantage of mobile broadband? The clue’s in the name – it’s mobile! We’re used to having it in our smartphones, but through One Connectivity you can easily have the same 4G or 5G connection in your laptop or tablet. This can give you a reliable, fast connection anywhere, on any device.

We offer multiple methods of mobile internet access, including SIM, dongle and router. We’ll help you decide which one suits your business best. And whichever you choose, you’ll be able to run all your applications wherever you need: cafés, client offices, trains, airports, abroad – you name it.

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Work where it suits you

The great thing about mobile broadband is that you’re not tied to your desk or office hours. This opens the door to a genuinely flexible working culture that can be moulded to suit you, your team and your business. ‘Work’ used to refer to a fixed time and place, but why should it? It’s now possible to find a balance that boosts morale and productivity.

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The Benefits

Great Coverage

With the 4G network now available across 99% of the UK, mobile broadband is a great choice when it comes to picking an internet connection. It’s reliable and fast, and it means you can carry your connectivity with you wherever you go, without having to rely on unreliable and insecure public Wi-Fi.

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Fully Secure

As more and more information is sent digitally, robust cybersecurity has become a permanent need for all businesses. Whatever package you choose from us, you can rest assured that it will be encrypted for your safety. We can also advise on firewalls, anti-virus and other additional measures to keep your data safe.

Network Security

Easy to use

Another great benefit of mobile broadband is that it’s so easy to connect. There’s no complicated installation. No cables. No asking around for the Wi-Fi code. Just switch on and go! If you want connectivity that’s there wherever and whenever you need, it’s never been simpler.

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Ready for 5G

4G connectivity offers typical speeds around 40Mbps for 4G. That’s great, as anyone who remembers 3G will attest. But 5G is expected to deliver speeds of around 1Gbps, which is so fast that you’ll be able to download big files and run even the most demanding cloud apps with ease. Currently it’s only available in a few UK cities, but it’s coming. And through One Connectivity, you can be ready for it.

Ready for 5G

Client Story

One Connectivity supply my businesses with both landlines and mobiles. They are, I believe, unique in the telecoms industry, they know how to provide customer service. I would highly recommend all the team at One Connectivity to anyone looking for “connected” communications.

Pat Rogerson


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