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Do you know the threats that the dark web poses to your business? With over 20 billion new records added year on year, there’s a huge risk of critical data being leaked. To only make matters worse, as the dark web is inaccessible to the vast majority of internet users, it is virtually impossible to know whether your data has been leaked. That’s where SafeWeb can help.


SafeWeb continually monitors the dark web, and lets you know in real time if passwords, contact details or financial information is discovered. This empowers businesses, letting you react quickly and take the fight to the cyber criminals.

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What is the dark web?

The dark web is an area of the internet not accessible via regular search engines. It’s an anonymous hub for cybercrime of all stripes, and a huge amount of stolen data is bought and sold there every day. Once compromised, cybercriminals can exploit your business or personal data for identity theft and fraud.

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Should I worry about a breach?

Like all cybercrime, a dark web breach can have a huge negative impact for your business. It’s not just the financial impact, but the reputational one too. Businesses use more customer data than ever to provide a more tailored service, the drawback is that if this data is compromised, the business will always be held responsible.

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How does SafeWeb work?

SafeWeb continuously scans the dark web, notifying you immediately if your contact details, financial information, or passwords are discovered. You’ll know exactly what has been leaked and where, allowing you or your IT provider to take the necessary steps to resolve the breach.

How does SafeWeb work?

Why you need SafeWeb

Did you know that cybercriminals are three times more likely to target SME and micro businesses than larger ones? Hackers see smaller teams as having less resources and expertise at their disposal. Unfortunately, statistics show that they are correct, with many teams lacking the ability to protect themselves from threats such as phishing or data breaches. We want to change this, and SafeWeb is the perfect tool to accomplish this change.

Why you need SafeWeb

Designed to support you

SafeWeb is unique. It’s a dark web monitored service designed from the ground up to support the businesses that use it. Speed is what sets us apart, when your data is discovered, we’ll send a real-time alert. We also send regular reports, allowing you to track the progress of your cybersecurity efforts.

SafeWeb designed to support you

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Rob has been really helpful with our communication needs over the last 12 months and is always there to help if we have a query. Great customer experience compared with past suppliers.



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