Barnsley Football Club

Barnsley Football Club is a professional football club based in South Yorkshire. In the summer of 2023, the club needed to upgrade their current phone system. They were searching for a simple, reliable phone system that delivered what they needed at the right price.

Penistone Grammar School

Penistone Grammar School

Penistone Grammar School had an old archaic telephone system, which was running on analogue handsets and ISDN lines, as well as having high maintenance and running costs.

Lifterz Work Platforms

Lifterz Ltd

Lifterz Ltd has 5 different sites with different telephone systems and suppliers/maintainers, with no control and call traffic monitoring. Find out how One Connectivity help Lifterz implement 1 phone system brand across all of their site.

Ginho - Value in everything

Ginho Group

What we have done for Ginho is a great example of how our services can provide a solution for the new challenges businesses face when opening new sites.


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