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We are One Connectivity, a leading provider of business mobiles in Sheffield. We offer a range of mobile handsets and tariffs to businesses across Yorkshire to ensure you get the best fleet of mobiles for your team.


Our clear advice and proactive bill monitoring, combined with our friendly and experienced support team, makes us the perfect choice for businesses looking to improve their communication infrastructure.

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Mobiles for workers on the move

We understand that it’s important that your staff can stay connected whilst away from the office. We are specialist providers of business mobiles from some of the UK’s leading smartphone brands. Our Account Managers will handle your business mobile contracts and tariffs so that you don’t have to. With us, your business will be in safe hands.


With the right guidance and advice on which mobile package is right for you, we can help you get set up. Whether it’s a full fleet of mobiles or a SIM only contract you’re looking for, we’ll get you the best deal.

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Fully managed service

We don’t just provide the handsets, we’ll handle your contracts and keep on top of your usage. If we think you can find a better deal, our account managers will be there to give you the advice you need, when you need it.

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The best handsets

We work with some of the UK’s top brand to bring you the very best handsets for your team. Whether it’s the newest fully-featured iPhones and Samsungs you are looking for, or something more affordable, we can provide.

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Transparent billing

Our software delivers live usage information for each of your business mobiles, giving you the data you need to keep track of your mobiles. You can log into your customer portal at any time 24/7, to view your live usage and billing history.

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Mobile security

Security for your mobiles is the highest priority for us. Our tariffs minimise device misuse and prevent excessive charges. We can put limits on your mobiles and restrict devices to their intended uses. It’s in our best interest to ensure that your company information is kept safe.

Mobiles for Small Businesses in Sheffield

Working with us gets you a level of service and customer support that is hard to find with larger, nationwide companies. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and delivering customised solutions that meet those needs. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


As a local partner, it’s in our interest to make sure that you get the best deal and value for money. With our knowledge of the Sheffield business landscape and the specific challenges that businesses in Yorkshire face, we can find a customised solution to meet your individual needs.

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Choose a local partner

One Connectivity have offices based in Sheffield, so our team is easily accessible and can give you the responsive support you need. Say goodbye to hours on the phone trying to get the help you need!


We are a leading UK provider of business communication, collaboration and IT services. With us, your business will be in safe hands. If you are a business based in Yorkshire and you’re interested in upgrading your business phone system, get in touch with our team. Let us help you take your communication to the next level!


Client Story

One Connectivity supply my businesses with both landlines and mobiles. They are, I believe, unique in the telecoms industry, they know how to provide customer service. I would highly recommend all the team at One Connectivity to anyone looking for “connected” communications.

Pat Rogerson


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