Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations Steve!

A huge congratulations to Head of Unified Communications, Steve Hannah, who was awarded the ” The Buttsy Directors Award 2018′

So what is the story behind the award?

As some may be aware, we very sadly lost one of our Directors, Phil Butts, late 2017.

The Directors here at One Connectivity wanted to create this in honour of Phil, so, for the first time ever the four voted for who they felt thoroughly deserved this.

Steve has brought with him many years of experience, his overall performance since joining OC has been outstanding, and his dedication and commitment to the business is second to none.

Not only bringing with him an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise in business phone systems, Steve has been fully committed in sharing and training his team, bringing them up to date and ensuring our team are some of the best within the business telecoms industry.

Thank you and a huge well done Steve!

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