Connectivity built for demanding teams

Connectivity for demanding teams

Connectivity built for demanding teams

Connectivity is at the heart of most business activities. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, you need robust and reliable connectivity to stay competitive and productive. At One Connectivity, our team of experts support businesses of all sizes with their connectivity needs, offering blazing fast internet connections that provide the speed and bandwidth a business requires.

In this article, we’ll cover everything One Connectivity has to offer to keep your team fully connected. From low-cost fibre connections, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or private leased lines, we have options to match any requirements.

Business broadband solutions

A reliable internet connection is the backbone of business operations. At One Connectivity, we understand the unique needs of every size organisation, whether you have a team of five or five hundred, we offer tailored connectivity solutions to suit any configuration. We can provide scalable options to ensure your internet connection is both fast and dependable.

Our options are designed with reliability and performance in mind as well as meeting the demands of your business. Small businesses can benefit from cost-effective packages that deliver ample bandwidth for day-to-day tasks. While larger or data-hungry enterprises can explore high-speed, dedicated connections to support their activities, from rapid access to cloud storage to impeccable video and voice calling.

Installing fibre connectivity allows a business to run ultra-smooth, glitch-free video meetings, access amazing cloud apps without restriction, access company files online instantly and allows a team to truly unleash their full potential.


A robust Wi-Fi network is now a non-negotiable in most workplaces, becoming an integral part of how we work. Our Wi-Fi solutions are designed to provide fast, secure, and scalable wireless connectivity, designed around your business needs.

It’s easy for a business to have the wrong type of Wi-Fi installed because many choose the same setup as they have at home. This often results in a slow network that doesn’t allow them to run at the capacity they need. At One Connectivity, we want our customers to have the fastest, most reliable connections they can afford.

Our solutions are not just about connecting devices; they’re about creating an ecosystem where employees can collaborate seamlessly and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

But how do we ensure remote and hybrid teams’ access fast and secure connectivity?

Connectivity for mobile and remote workers

Flexibility and mobility are paramount for many businesses, particularly with the increase in remote and hybrid working. We’re all used to using 4G or 5G on our smartphones, and we can help you have the same on your laptop or tablet. We recognise the evolving nature of the workplace and offer mobile broadband solutions tailored for teams on the move.

Whether your team’s attending client meetings, working from a coffee shop, or on the road, our mobile broadband ensures a reliable and secure internet connection from any location.

We’re committed to supporting remote workers to access company resources without compromising sensitive information, offering multiple methods of internet access, including SIM, dongle, or router. Mobile broadband is simple and easy to connect with no complicated installation and no cables, allowing your employees to have connectivity wherever and whenever they need.

Mobile broadband: staying connected on the go

The 4G network is available across 99% of the UK making it a great option when it comes to choosing an internet connection. With options for various data packages, our mobile broadband is fast, reliable, and secure, catering to the diverse connectivity needs of any workforce.

Building the foundation for connectivity

Behind every seamless, reliable connectivity experience is a robust and well-designed infrastructure, and professional cabling will make all the difference to your connectivity. We understand the importance of a solid foundation and our infrastructure solutions cater to buildings of all sizes.

From bespoke plans and network design to implementation and ongoing maintenance, we ensure that your connectivity infrastructure is optimised for performance and reliability. This is particularly vital for businesses with complex IT ecosystems or those undergoing digital transformation. The right infrastructure lays the groundwork for all other connectivity functions. This allows you the peace of mind that if a small problem occurs, it doesn’t have to escalate to a larger one.

Future-proofing connectivity

As businesses evolve and embrace digital transformation, the need for reliable and scalable connectivity solutions becomes more and more crucial. We aim to be a comprehensive partner, offering a collection of options that cater to businesses of all sizes and the dynamic needs of mobile and remote workers.

From business broadband to mobile broadband, Wi-Fi solutions to infrastructure, our commitment to excellence ensures that businesses stay connected, productive, and ready for the challenges of the future.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support you with your connectivity needs, get in touch.

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