Ginho Group Case Study

Ginho case study

Ginho Group Case Study

Ginho Group are an international automotive company founded in 2003. They specialise in precision casting and selling parts to the automotive industry. Since their conception, the company has expanded beyond their original base in China. They now have offices in Germany, the US and a UK base in Burton-on-Trent, not too far from us.

Ginho case study

What the case study shows

What we have done for Ginho is a great example of how our services can provide a solution for the new challenges businesses face when opening new sites.


How we’ve helped

The problem

Ginho has expanded significantly over the past eight years, resulting in the opening of multiple locations beyond their parent site in China. This expansion presented new challenges for how the company communicated internally and with their clients. As many of their colleagues and clients are overseas, Ginho needed to find a new solution to streamline and unify their communications.

For a multinational company, calls are not always cheap. Ginho needed a way of connecting to their clients overseas and contacting the engineers of their head office in China. The UK site could only call their overseas colleagues by dialing international telephone numbers, which would often be busy or unable to establish a high-quality connection.

The company also wanted to give their colleagues the possibility of remote working. Resolving this would mean switching to a unified solution that could stretch beyond their office phone handsets. Workers would need to stay connected from anywhere.

Above all, Ginho needed a scalable, future-proof solution that could cope with future challenges and ensure a cost-effective outcome. Luckily, they were aware of the steps they needed to take to resolve these communication challenges.


The solution

Another problem for Ginho was that they were dealing with multiple contracts for their mobile telephony, IT services and fixed line phone systems. Over the years of expansion, new sites began opening, and new staff joined the teams for each one. As a result, the company became swamped by complex, ever-changing contracts.

They wanted to bring all of these under one roof, and so got in touch with us. From then on, we would handle all these services under a single bill, as they continued to grow.

The first migration we made for Ginho was to move away from a fixed-line telephone system and toward an internet-based one. The change would lower their phone bills and improve the quality of the whole team’s calls and workflow. In addition, using Internet Protocol (IP) calls would mean the team could receive calls from anywhere in the world at the same charge.


Unified communications with iPECS ONE

We kitted Ginho out with Ericsson-LG’s iPECS ONE, a cloud-hosted unified communications (UC) solution. This puts all digital communication methods into one place. Using iPECS ONE, the Ginho team can now handle voice and video calls, use instant messaging, answer client queries and more from their mobile or desktop.

This keeps everyone connected with the whole team, wherever they work, giving Ginho greater mobility than ever. Meanwhile, UC increases the efficiency of both internal and external communication.


Desktop calls with iPECS handsets

We installed 16 1040i IPECS handsets across the UK and German Ginho sites. As Ginho’s European bases, they were working together closely but had previously struggled with contacting each other via fixed line telephones.

The new handsets, which can also be operated via the iPECS ONE app, made calling much easier. Making calls on a desktop allows options such as window popping and click-to-dial, so the team can start voice or video calls much more quickly.

We also integrated Microsoft Teams and Outlook with the handsets. These integrations allowed the sites to communicate via scheduled voice and video calls. Workers would be able to see when their overseas colleagues were busy on other calls and plan around each other.


Moving with the times

Ginho’s communications now operate at the same speed as the rest of their business. As a result, the expectations of their customers have gone up, as well as the company’s overall standards of service. Ginho are also a perfect example of a modern-age multinational company that can liaise internally with absolute ease.

Looking towards the future, Ginho already plan to continue their rate of expansion over the next five years. They now have a long-term solution that will be able to keep up with them as they grow. We look forward to supporting them with all their communication needs in the coming years and providing them with all they need to stay connected.


Feedback from Ginho

The solution has benefitted us in a number of ways. As we’ve grown as a company, the expectation of what we offer from our customers means we’ve had to raise communication levels.

We’ve also had to ensure that we can maintain that level of connectivity. This has been great! The new system has really helped us to provide that. The offerings in terms of conferencing, global connections and how the employees connect with customers has been seamless.”

– Shaun Gray, European Managing Director at Ginho Group.


Why choose One Connectivity?

We hope that our story with Ginho gives a clear view into how we work with our customers. We always tailor what we do to our clients’ infrastructure, budget and operational needs. It’s not a transaction; it’s about finding the right communications solution for you.

One Connectivity can do the same for your business. If you’re looking to get more out of your business telecoms, get in touch today.

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