How Can UC help in my industry?

UC industries blog

How Can UC help in my industry?

Unified communications took the world by storm in 2020. Because most businesses had to adopt a remote working policy there was a huge emphasis put on collaborative technology. Whether you spent most of last year on a video call or not, this communication platform had a big impact on the way teams worked. We think that their usefulness will continue into the future.

Teams in every industry need a versatile way to communicate and UC provides this. This could be internally between staff in the same office, between remote workers or just users in different buildings. It could also be between businesses and their customers; we’ve seen how useful UC can be for enabling new customer service practices. We’ve put together this blog to explain what we mean. We think that UC services have many different benefits which can be tailored to any kind of business.

So take a look and find out how your team can discover a new way to work.

UC industries blog

Professional Services: Connect your team


This covers just about any business whose operation is divided across multiple offices, or even just one larger premise. With our UC system, you can stay in touch with your staff as if you’re sitting next to them.

With a UC service, you can see which of your colleagues are online and ready to collaborate, out of the office, or busy on a call. This takes the guesswork out of your internal communications and helps to get home workers back in the loop.

Our UC service also integrates with popular productivity and scheduling services such as Outlook, Sage and Office 365. This allows you to work together on documents in real time with your team, and then share them with ease. This also makes scheduling meetings easier than ever before.


Tech & Financial Services: Redefine your sales process


The way we provide products and services to customers has changed dramatically over a short period of time. Instead of shopfronts and visiting clients, we’ve had to take things online. Video conferencing has become the new normal when it comes to sales, and our UC platform is here to help.

With our service, you can invite customers to a video call quickly via an email or instant message. They can then join the call through their Chrome browser on a device of their choice. This versatility means you can get in touch with any customer, no matter which software they have installed or the technology available in their location. It goes without saying that our conferencing service features high quality audio and video feeds, and even includes a chat for you to share files as well as screen sharing services.


Housing: Work at your best, wherever you are.


We know that a mobile phone is an essential tool for any estate agent whilst they’re on the move. It can be frustrating though when the systems for communication and collaboration that agents use in the field don’t match up with the ones they work with elsewhere.

That’s why our UC service comes with a fully-fledged mobile app. This allows you to take all your information with you when working on the go, including contacts and previous messages.

Our UC App also includes instant messaging, which allows you to get in touch with any colleagues at the push of a button. Instant messaging on a UC app is different to your standard messaging platform as messages can be saved and can be quickly brought up when a client next calls in. This allows your team to always provide the best possible service.


Dentists, Doctors and Schools: Handle calls with efficiency


Front desk staff in these sectors often face fluctuating call times. Mornings often mean a large quantity of enquires coming in at once, and it can be difficult for calls not to slip through the cracks. Our UC system features a clear way to help.

When you log in to your UC platform on any device it will quickly show any voicemails and missed calls, so you can catch up quickly. We also offer on-hold marketing services that can keep customers engaged while they wait on hold, this is especially useful for dentists who can promote their cosmetic services with this feature.

Our systems also feature Call Divert, which sends customers to the most qualified member of staff, should their desired user not be available. Finally, we also offer a call recording service, to protect your staff, train new hires and ensure regulatory compliance. All of these features combine to create a comprehensive suite that is as easy-to-use as it is feature-rich.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how a new communication service can benefit your team. Of course we have missed some industries, but plenty of these features overlap into other sectors. For example, the UC Mobile app is also ideal for logistics and haulage teams!


For more information about UC or any of our other services, get in touch at 0115 896 88 60, or visit our website.



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