How your Wi-Fi solution impacts your business

How your Wi-Fi solution impacts your business

How your Wi-Fi solution impacts your business

We live in a digital world where many of our day-to-day tasks are handled online or over the internet. We rely heavily on technology, such as Wi-Fi, to stay connected. From robust Wi-Fi for outdoor sites to reliable cloud telephony, being online is extremely important for businesses to communicate, provide services to their customers and to keep operations running without downtime.

No matter your industry or physical requirements, our Wi-Fi partner Ubiquiti offers a high-quality range of Wi-Fi solutions for businesses of every shape, size, setup and scenario. We’re going to give you the rundown of Ubiquiti’s most popular Wi-Fi options and what each product will benefit your customers, your team and your business.

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi: what options are there for my business?


What is it? High-performance, ceiling-mounted access points connecting 600+ devices.
Great for: Hospitals.
What does it do? Connects a large volume of devices without compromising on reliability.

Wall access points

What is it? Sleek access points that plug directly into a wall outlet for meshed connectivity or to transform an ethernet drop into an access point.
Great for: Hospitality.
What does it do? Connects and powers all guest technology with a single, near-invisible UniFi access point.

Outdoor access points

What is it? Versatile, weatherproof access points that can be mounted to poles outside, or conveniently placed on a surface indoors.
Great for: Golf courses, outdoor arenas or popup stalls.
What does it do? Keeps people connected in all weathers with robust Wi-Fi for rural, remote outdoor spaces.

Mega Capacity

What is it? Wi-Fi for high-capacity and high-density spaces.
Great for: Stadiums or amphitheatres.
What does it do? Weatherproof units service crowds of 1,500+, keeping high-volume audiences connected and enjoying unimpacted shows, events or experiences.

Building Bridge

What is it? High-performance, multi-site Wi-Fi without the wires.
Great for: Multiple buildings or outbuildings.
What does it do? With fibre-like performance, Building Bridge offers fast speeds and reliable connectivity across sites up to 500 m (1,640 ft) apart, without the need for wires.

Did one of these Wi-Fi solutions pique your interest? Find out more about the features on our website.

Next, we’re going to highlight some crucial benefits.

What are the benefits of Ubiquiti Wi-Fi?

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi allows businesses to stay connected no matter the size of their operation, here are some of the key benefits it delivers:

Full coverage Wi-Fi handles all weather and capacity challenges.

Peace of mind
Keep Wi-Fi-reliant security tools, such as CCTV, operating 24/7.

Revenue opportunities
Strong Wi-Fi for all sites means outdoor cafes, gift shops, and card payments can run smoothly.

Experience multi-site Wi-Fi with multiple access points.

Enjoy a radio-controlled system that comes with licence-free, easy to onboard site management.

Outdoor Wi-Fi enables people in remote locations to stay connected and reach assistance in the event of an emergency.

How can Wi-Fi enhance my business?

There’s more to Wi-Fi than simply enabling connectivity, it offers businesses a boost in customer experience and satisfaction, and that’s not all. Different industries have different requirements, this means looking for business Wi-Fi solutions that cater to your specific needs and goals.

Wi-Fi for healthcare

From medical equipment to phone systems, patient entertainment to effective communication, having reliable Wi-Fi is essential for hospitals and GP surgeries.

Effective Wi-Fi can help with quicker diagnosis and blood results, allowing staff members to look up and share patient files quickly for optimal efficiency. This contributes to overall patient happiness with efficient communication as well as access to entertainment during hospital stays and visits.

Wi-Fi for stadiums

If you’re expecting big crowds on game day at your football stadium, you’ll need robust Wi-Fi to handle ticketing and turnstiles to keep the crowd flow moving.

Wi-Fi also enables card payments, for things such as refreshments and merchandise, which is a crucial way to harness large-scale, revenue-boosting sales opportunities.

Wi-Fi for the outdoors

Do you have a fishing lake that’s relatively remote? Or expansive grounds with a big ops team? Perhaps you run outdoor popup retail or food kiosks?

If that’s the case, you’ll need reliable Wi-Fi to connect devices and enable team communication, alongside offering reliable card payment options to maximise sales and customer experience.

Ensuring your team has the technology to stay connected also increases safety for remote areas, as well as Wi-Fi units that can withstand rough weather conditions.

Wi-Fi for schools

It might seem obvious that schools need to be connected to Wi-Fi for teaching and administrative functions, but there’s more that Wi-Fi can do for education sites. There are many security products that now run on Wi-Fi connectivity, this includes CCTV, vape sensors, even some access control systems.

Without a suitable broadband and Wi-Fi network, schools are risking the safety of pupils, staff and visitors.

What connectivity is right for my business?

Choosing the right Wi-Fi technology can play a big part in shaping your business success. From maximised efficiency to boosted revenue opportunities, increased security controls to enhanced customer satisfaction, you can leverage the right Wi-Fi to hit targets.

It’s time to invest in a trusted, reliable Wi-Fi product that won’t let you or your customers down, and on top of this, it will help build your business up.

Get more out of your Wi-Fi with Ubiquiti’s top of the range Wi-Fi product suite. Chat to our team to find out more.

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