Integrating Remote Workers with Business Mobiles

Integrate Remote staff

Integrating Remote Workers with Business Mobiles

Remote work can be tough. It’s a lot of change to get used to and some people naturally get used to it better than others. How well you adapt to the remote working process often depends on the technology you have at your disposal. If you’ve been religiously using Microsoft 365 for the past few years, then you are likely to be ready for remote collaboration. Whereas someone who is unfamiliar with these services might need more guidance.

Businesses need to put systems in place for their remote staff that make collaboration easy. The simplest solution here are business mobiles. Mobile phones are the solution best suited to connecting people on the go; it’s what they were built for! The software that is now available for mobiles provide another dimension of utility for remote workers. We believe that making the most of this technology is the best way to stay connected outside of the office. So, we’ve put together this guide to explain how you can make the most of business mobiles while working from home.

1.Discover Unified Communications


Unified Communications is a life saver for remote workers. UC services provide teams with a single app that contains every communication system that they would have in the office. UC apps can be installed on your laptop or tablet, but the best utility comes from mobile. This allows you to see which of your colleagues are online at any time and gives you a range of options in terms of how you get in touch.

Whether an instant message is needed to alert someone of important information quickly, or a video call to brief your whole team, having the ability to carry out all these functions with ease is invaluable. This allows you to carry out all of the functions of your office from home without compromise. If you have any tool in your remote working arsenal, it should be Unified Communications.


  1. Create a Flexible Working environment


Working from home requires a lot of initiative from the individual. We all have to organise ourselves much more than we would otherwise. A massive part of this is the environment that we work in. You can make that environment a lot more productive if every device you are working with is equipped for business.

A business mobile plan can really help here. When combined with a UC service, you can make calls, host video conferences, and even collaborate with colleagues. Most mobiles will allow you to edit and share files to some capacity, making them a one stop shop for your business needs. Working remotely is about finding the environment that allows the most productivity and motivation for your team, and being equipped with flexible technology can be a huge boost in this regard.


  1. Maintain a good customer service environment


Customer service is a crucial part of business. Especially now that more teams are working from home. It has become difficult for many teams to offer customers the same level of service as they once did. If this rings true for your team then a business mobile solution can be a massive help.

You might be wondering why equipping your team with another piece of technology can benefit your customer service. The reason behind it is that it offers teams a new level of responsiveness. No matter where you are operating from, the ability to quickly receive a notification from customers or colleagues and get in touch can be invaluable. Mobiles are the only technology that allow this level of versatility in a home-working environment.


  1. Work with specialist software


There is some fantastic technology available today that can help to support business’ productivity and collaboration, even when working remotely. The chances are that your business employs some of these tools already. Whether it is a CRM database or a service like Microsoft Teams, these tools have made working from home far easier.

The best way for remote workers to access these services is through their mobile phones. A good smartphone will allow teams to keep their communication and productivity apps by their side wherever they are. A Unified Communications service makes this process even simpler. With a UC app, your specialist software can integrate with your communications. This means that when a call comes through, you can quickly see the details of exactly who it has come from.

With the right software at your disposal, your mobile phone can become the only device you need for business while working from home.

We hope this guide has given you a few more ideas on how you can better use mobile phones to integrate your remote staff. If you need a new business mobile plan or just want to find out more, give us a call here at One Connectivity at 0115 896 88 60. Or find out more about business mobiles here.



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