From PSB: Introducing ANYWHERE for iPECS

From PSB Introducing ANYWHERE for iPECS

From PSB: Introducing ANYWHERE for iPECS

For a business to be successful, it needs to stay productive. To do this, you need the right tools that will enhance, streamline, simplify and meet the requirements of your team, clients and business. When you get it right, it can transform your business communications.

Remote working has played a huge role in the changing landscape of business communications over the past few years. The demand for technologies and software that support remote, on the go, and hybrid working is high, and it’s not set to be going anywhere soon.

At One Connectivity, we understand how important it is that the products we offer add value and enhance your business. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce ANYWHERE for iPECS, an innovative service that extends iPECS Cloud to your remote and mobile workers.

What’s changed?

In the past, many organisations separated their office telephone systems, and their mobiles, which resulted in workers getting different features and functionalities depending upon where they were. This setup isn’t ideal for consistency or productivity. As smartphones have become part of our normal every day, there’s been a shift in the use of mobile phones in the workplace.

The need for workers to access the full functionality of a traditional Unified Communication platform, no matter where they work from, is growing in demand, and businesses need to address this.

What is ANYWHERE for iPECS?

ANYWHERE for iPECS is the perfect solution for businesses with remote on the go workers. It works as an extension of iPECS Cloud, so users will be able to experience the same benefits as they would from a desktop phone.

Business phone lines

ANYWHERE for iPECS allows remote workers to have a separate business line from their mobile. By downloading an e-SIM onto a device, it allows business calls to go through the cloud platform instead of the mobile network.

Why is this important? Well, not only does this mean business calls from a mobile receive the exact same benefits of the iPECS platform, but it also offers better privacy and protection for the user. It eliminates the need to hide their personal number because the e-SIM creates a second business line.

This allows an organisation and its team to portray a professional image no matter what device employees are calling on.

Who is ANYWHERE for iPECS for?

ANYWHERE for iPECS is perfect for any remote worker, however, there are particular industries in which this software is perfectly suited.

Remote work and jobs that require employees to move around and be in different locations isn’t a new thing, it’s just increased in popularity and across industries where it never used to be. When we look at the benefits of ANYWHERE for iPECS, it’s easy to see why it would suit industries that have a high number of employees working away from a premises. In addition to this, ANYWHERE for iPECS is a great solution for organisations who, in particular, must adhere to compliance regulations.

Let’s take GPs as an example. Their day-to-day role relies on speaking to patients over the phone. If they’re working remotely, it’s imperative that the GP’s private number isn’t shared on a call when using a mobile. It’s also extremely important that the medical practice they’re linked to is what the patient sees when receiving a call to avoid them not answering a withheld number.

Features of ANYWHERE for iPECS

Here’s a closer look at the features of ANYWHERE for iPECS.

• The entire team stays connected
• App free mobile integration to iPECS Cloud
• Through iPECS Cloud, make a receive calls from a mobile using your native dialler
• Call monitoring and recording are extended to all users
• Meet compliance standards
• Work and personal numbers remain separate in one mobile device with an e-SIM

Benefits of ANYWHERE for iPECS

So, what are the benefits of ANYWHERE for iPECS?

• Enhanced productivity and efficiency
• Provide excellent customer service
• Enhanced privacy for mobile users
• No additional apps are needed
• All users have the same benefits of iPECS Cloud

One Connectivity support

At One Connectivity, we’re dedicated to keeping businesses and their teams connected using telecom solutions that work for them. The service and technologies we offer suit any business, of any size, with any requirements. We can enable your team to work from anywhere, on any device.

ANYWHERE for iPECS is transforming how businesses support their on the go and remote workers, and this innovative technology is enhancing business communications for many organisations.

Our expert team are passionate about helping customers get the most out of their products. They’re always on hand to support and answer any questions. So, if you’re looking to provide your team with the ultimate technology for remote working, get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about ANYWHERE for iPECS.


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