Keeping staff connected at all times

Keep staff connected blog

Keeping staff connected at all times

As a population we are becoming increasingly more connected. New devices are arriving all the time with a variety of practical business applications and the vast majority of these are internet-enabled. Especially with the rise of remote working and video calls, our internet networks are under more pressure than ever. Businesses need to be able to future-proof their connectivity for growth, thankfully there is technology to help.

There’s now a huge range of business WiFi services that can help teams to stay connected. Whether you just need a stable office connection, a remote working solution or to power large events, there is a solution out there for you. In this blog we’ll explain how you can cater to the needs of your whole business, while making life easier for individual staff.


Keep staff connected blog

How to achieve a strong WiFi connection


Before you start helping remote staff to access your business WiFi, you need to make sure it’s up to scratch. There are a variety of different business connections that you could take advantage of depending on your needs.

The right connection has to cater to both the location of your business, the number of staff you have, and the internet-enabled devices that you use. Speaking to the right provider will allow you to gain the right connection for you. At One Connectivity, we tailor our process to each business, creating a bespoke WiFi service; this stands apart from the usual process.

Most SMEs and even some larger businesses choose the same WiFi setup as they use at home. This severely limits them when it comes to staying connected with their team. Home networks are not designed to support many users working simultaneously. Many teams often struggle to connect, experience low bandwidth or overpay for an inadequate service.

We’ll help to find the right contract for you, deploy it according to the requirements of your site, and monitor it for any potential future issues. This means that even if your site is in a rural area, or if you work in an older building, your business can still reach its potential.

Now that you’re hopefully working with a superfast internet connection, now let’s help your whole team access it.


How to access your high speed WiFi, wherever you work


Working remotely often requires an even stronger connection than you would need in the office. There are many services such as video conferencing that are very bandwidth intensive. Home networks generally are not enough to support these services effectively, especially when competing with others in your household.

Our connectivity service allows you to access your office WiFi from your home. This lets you work with the services you use on a daily basis alongside video conferencing and other remote working activities. Our system works by prioritising some network traffic over others, this means that your essential work can still be carried out, no matter your location. This makes working remotely a much smoother and enjoyable experience, but this isn’t the only benefit to your team.


The added benefits of business WiFi


There are huge risks present for businesses who work from home using their home networks. Network fraud is on the rise, and it only takes one user with an insecure password for your company data to be seriously put in danger. The risks increase exponentially when public WiFi is brought into the mix and your staff should be advised not to use public connections with work devices.

Having a secure business WiFi connection that works at its best from any location provides you with some much-needed peace of mind. Anywhere that your team works from will now have a secure system in place to protect any company data.

Our Business WiFi package also includes our monitoring service. This provides you with an added layer of reliability as we will keep you informed of any dropouts in coverage or potential incidents, often resolving them before they even happen. This proactive monitoring is part of our service, with no extra costs.


When it comes to internet connections, we believe that many teams are unnecessarily kept in the dark. Whether businesses underpay for unsatisfactory connections or overpay for services they don’t need, there is a lot of confusion here when there really doesn’t need to be. At One Connectivity our experts can provide an objective service based around the facts.

We can help to provide a service that genuinely benefits you. No matter the size of your team or the requirements of your premise, our deployment team can help to ensure that every corner of your premise has a high-speed connection. The same applies to your remote staff. We’ll ensure that you gain a fast and secure connection wherever you are based.


To find out more about our connectivity services visit our website. Or give us a call here at 01158968860.



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