Helping pharmacies manage higher call volumes

Pharmacies are about to start receiving a lot more calls. Patients will be encouraged away from GPs for common prescriptions, and towards pharmacies. The result will be a big increase in inbound calls. To keep the workload manageable, you will need a cost-effective phone system that can handle the burden. Luckily, help is at hand.


We are One Connectivity, a leading provider of phone systems and telecoms services. We have the technology, skills and dedication required to find the right solution for you. Whatever the size of your team and whatever your budget, we can help.

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Bespoke service

A provider that’s on your side

Pharmacies provide a vital service to communities across the country. Just like other healthcare stakeholders, they are facing difficult circumstances. The whole healthcare sector is strained, and will need to do everything it can to ensure efficiency.


Your phone system can go a long way to help with handling higher call volumes. But it’s essential to have a provider that’s on your side – a provider like One Connectivity. We are committed to what’s best for all our customers. From first consultation to installation and beyond, we are there for you when you need.

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Efficient call handling

With higher call volumes, efficiency is a must. We can ensure calls are queued properly, and routed to the right place first time. We can even provide call analytics so you can keep on how busy you are and adjust staffing as needed. This all ensures you’re there for as many people as possible, as effectively as possible.

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A service tailored to you

Pharmacies differ, and so do their needs. Your size, location and the way you’re organised will all play a big role in what kind of phone system you need. That’s why you need a partner that listens, cares and has the skills to deliver for you. We are leading experts on telecoms, and we’re totally committed to finding the best possible solution for every customer.

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Futureproof communication

BT is replacing the UK’s telecoms infrastructure. By 2025, landlines as we know them will be gone, and all calls will have to be routed online. If you’re relying on ISDN or PSTN lines, you will need to replace them. Using futureproof VoIP and SIP technology, we will seamlessly move you into the new era in telecoms – giving you peace of mind that you’re futureproof for years to come.

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Secure communication

Security is vital for any pharmacist, to ensure compliance and patient confidence. You take it seriously, and so do we. We can provide encrypted calling to keep out unwanted listeners. Recorded calls are also encrypted. This protects patients, and gives them confidence that you take data protection seriously.

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Keeping you connected

Resilience matters. With any technology, you want maximum uptime. That’s especially true of your phone system. Every call matters, and every caller needs to get through.


We have the skills to ensure high availability – whether your phone system is hosted in the cloud or on-premise. From cabling to networking, we know how to set up a reliable phone service. And if you need technical support, our engineers are quick to respond and highly knowledgeable and attentive.

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Your customer journey

At One Connectivity, we make things easy at every step. First, our telecoms experts will consult with you on your needs and budget. From there, we will make tailored recommendations.


If you’re happy to go ahead, we will ensure a seamless transition. We’ll make installation quick and easy, doing our very best to keep disruption to a minimum. We will train you up on your new system to make sure you can get the most out of it. And if you need support at any point, we’re a phone call away.


Client Story

One Connectivity supply my businesses with both landlines and mobiles. They are, I believe, unique in the telecoms industry, they know how to provide customer service. I would highly recommend all the team at One Connectivity to anyone looking for “connected” communications.

Pat Rogerson


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