Rich insights into your calls

It’s essential to assess how you’re doing. To go with your cloud, hybrid or on-premise phone system, we offer intuitive call analytics tools to give you a deeper understanding of your work. You can get detailed, customisable metrics on individuals or groups in real time, or schedule regular reports. Better still, you can access it from anywhere, on any device – including your mobile!

Phone system add ons


Easy-to-use call recordings

Call analysis isn’t just about quantity – quality matters too. One Connectivity can help with user-friendly, web-based call recording apps compatible with all our phone systems. You can flag calls, or easily locate them with multiple search filters. You can even listen in real time. And for security and peace of mind, all products are encrypted and fully compliant with GDPR and all relevant laws.

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The Benefits

Improve quality

If your business depends on phones, call recording is an essential tool in training and quality assurance. You can use high-quality calls as a guide to best practice, or keep up performance with regular call sampling. And with our user-friendly browser-based apps, you can easily monitor calls in real time.

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Be more productive

Boosting productivity is always worth it, but you have to have a clear idea of what areas you can improve on. Modern, smart analytics apps can help you achieve that by giving rich insights into performance – from individual agents to business-wide processes.

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work at your best, ANYWHERE

ANYWHERE for iPECS Cloud allows you to extend a huge range of communication features to your remote staff for the first time. Including call recording, reporting and analytics, it’s perfect for professional teams looking to meet regulatory requirements, or just those looking to work at their best, anywhere.

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Better complaint resolution

We all strive to give the best service possible, but no business can avoid complaints altogether. When they come up, the only response is to handle them quickly, fairly, accurately and transparently. Our call recording web apps enable just that. You need a complete record of what’s been discussed with complainants – recording calls ensures you have that.

Client resolution

Client Story

One Connectivity definitely have the most important ingredient that many companies in the UK lack, they have Customer Service & after Sales Service in bucket loads. If it’s these two ingredients your looking for and much, much more get in touch, you won’t be disappointed. 



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