Regulatory compliance, and where your communications can help

Regulatory compliance blog

Regulatory compliance, and where your communications can help

Industry regulations are a fact of life for modern businesses. No matter the industry, in our increasingly data orientated society, you need to provide guarantees that everything is safe and secure. Naturally, this involves organising your physical files and the way you interact with customers. Technology is a huge part of this too.

At One Connectivity we have experience working with teams in many professional sectors. From solicitors and accountants to medical centres and care homes. This means we know just how important it is to stick within these regulations and keep data safe without compromising user experience for your team. This need has helped to inform our decisions as to which technology we recommend to businesses in these sectors. Even in the same industry though, businesses have many different requirements.

For this reason, we’ve put together this blog to help inform you and your team about the technology that can help you stick within regulatory guidelines and protect sensitive information.

 Regulatory compliance blog

Call recording, protect customers and your staff


Every business keeps organised records of the most important customer or employee documents. So why do many businesses not keep records of legally binding or crucial phone calls? Call recording isn’t a spy tactic, it’s a necessity in a modern business environment.

Our call recording solutions are completely GDPR compliant. They are not only an ideal training resource for your team, but also a fantastic way to ensure regulatory compliance. Make sure your team is always following customer service guidelines and keep a digital record of customer’s orders and specifications. These recordings are stored securely in our cloud system. Meaning you can access them whenever you need them, but are not tied to any geographic location, protecting you in the case of an outage.


Data storage, rely on the security experts


There are a huge range of reasons why it’s important to store customer data, depending on the industry you work in. Everything from a customer’s contact details to their account information or their order history. These details can be a vital part of your customer process, but they also need to be stored and accessed securely.

We work alongside major CRMs, including specialist solutions for many industries such as professional services, healthcare, and manufacturing. We do this to securely store your customer data. Storing this data is essential for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to improve customer service or understand a customer’s specific healthcare needs such as allergies. All of these can be stored securely and accessed discretely when a customer dials in to your phone system. If customer data is removed from your CRM, it will also be automatically deleted from your communication system.


Mobile Device Management, don’t hold your team back


Mobiles are an essential tool in many industries, especially finance and accounting. Many teams can’t make full use of these phones due to concerns about their security though. We can help alleviate that with our mobile device management services.

One of the main concerns about using mobile phones for business is that if customer data is stored on them and the phone is lost, this data could easily fall into the wrong hands. Using MDM software lets you wipe the contents of any phone once you are sure that it is missing or stolen. There are also limits that can be set to phones such as lack of international calling, that can protect your team from telecoms fraud.

Finally, compatibility with our UC app means that any call taken through a mobile device can be recorded and stored according to compliance guidelines. This enables your team to work in a way that suits them, without needing to worry about security.


Management and reporting services, understand your data


No matter the industry you work in, you likely process a large amount of data every day. Whether it is calls, messages, files, or other forms of content. Ensuring that all this data falls within regulatory standards is incredibly difficult.

Our call management and reporting software goes a fair way to making sense of it all. This service provides you with a dashboard of all communications that take place on your network. The data is specialised and only displays the stats relevant to you. This allows you to quickly flag any irregularities as soon as they arise. It also allows you to see which elements of your technology infrastructure may be liable to security threats.

At One Connectivity we offer a range of useful communications services that can help to make your business more flexible, adaptable, and of course compliant with the latest regulations. If you need advice on your phone system, mobiles, or call reporting and management, feel free to get in touch with our team at 01158968860.



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