The implications of 5G on mobile working

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The implications of 5G on mobile working

5G is coming. This seems like we’re stating the obvious, but this upgrade to the UK’s mobile network has felt like it has been a way off for years. We’re happy to say that the rollout has started, and this new network is everything it was hyped up to be. 5G has a number of benefits for the everyday consumer, mostly centring around its higher speeds. This is true, but where 5G really shines is in the business market.

There is a whole range of business applications that will benefit from the 5G network, but businesses need to be equipped with devices that can make the most of this. Without knowing the benefits that 5G can bring to a business, many teams are understandably hesitant to take the plunge and invest in compatible devices. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, specifying where 5G can help your team, and which devices can make the most of it.

5G blog

Collaborate on the go


Over the past 18 months business collaboration has been a huge talking point, mostly because it became very difficult. Thankfully, a huge amount of technology has sprung up to help, including video conferencing and productivity software. These services have allowed teams to maintain great levels of teamwork even when remotely from each other. Of course, these services need a strong connection to work at their best.

5G connections have immense download speeds. Meaning that even if you’re working on the go, or in a very busy area, HD audio and video can be streamed in seconds. This means that real-time collaboration is more accessible than ever before. It also means that files can be easily distributed, viewed, and edited in real time, anywhere. These services are supported by 5G, and are powered by unified communications, visit our website to find out more about this service.


Industry specific benefits


While there are many consumer and general business benefits to 5G, particular industries will see some huge benefits. Manufacturing and logistics will see a great difference made by 5G’s high-speed connections to a variety of equipment. 5G isn’t just limited to our phones and laptops, it connects every data enabled device.

5G connections mean that production equipment can react in real time to supply or demand, can recognise faults in any process instantly and allows equipment to be accessed remotely by any staff. Automation was possible before, but is enhanced like never before with 5G.


Productivity in any environment


5G isn’t just about blisteringly fast connections, it contains new features that make working away from the office a smoother experience. One of the flaws of the previous 4 and 3G networks was that high-speed connections were difficult to access in crowded areas. This could be busy cities, public places or events. 5G is better at detecting when individual devices need to use data, meaning that it can distribute bandwidth to the devices that need it most.

This means that in busy environments, teams can access any connected process they need. Everything from video streaming, webinars and sending information to a large mumber of devices at once. The ultra-low latency opens new possibilities for events hosting. With 5G, you can quickly send a large amount of information to many devices at once, facilitating new ways to teach, host webinars and deliver marketing information.


Connecting new businesses


Many teams struggle to work effectively in particular environments. Whether the connection in that area can’t support the applications they need, or crowds lead to high latency. This leads to many businesses’ not being able to support their customers or their staff’s internet needs. This naturally leads to a drop in productivity and satisfaction.

5G connectivity promises to connect a vast amount of UK businesses, and its smart approach to connectivity means that devices no longer have to fight over bandwidth. This means that businesses in rural areas can compete far better with their urban counterparts. It also means that teams working on the go can access the communications that they need.

New advancements in IoT technology brought about by the arrival of 5G may create even more opportunities for businesses. Services like connective vehicles, augmented reality and smart medical equipment open up new commercial avenues for a variety of industries.


How One Connectivity can help


5G is going to shake up the world of mobile working in a big way. This network is still relatively new though, despite 4 live 5G networks already existing in the UK market and the UK having the fastest 5G network in the world.

5G enabled mobiles are in high demand, especially on contracts that can help facilitate entire teams. This is where our team at One Connectivity can help. We can help to equip your team with a full suite of 5G enabled mobiles, on a competitive tariff. If your mobile is compatible with this network, OC mobile customers can access 5G for absolutely free!


To find out more, get in touch at 01158968860 or send us an email at hello@oneconnectivity.co.uk


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