Business Telephony for Working from Home

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Business Telephony for Working from Home


We often think ‘In hindsight’ or ‘I’ll take the risk and will deal with it if it happens’ – but often life gets in the way and then when we really need the backup, we panic – because we never put that contingency plan in place. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that’s exactly why we are here – to help you with your business telecoms. That’s at least one major tick off your list, and one we think is a vital piece to staying connected to your customers.

If you are not quite ready to have your team working from home because your telecom solutions are not in place, read on to find out more –

Like most, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have been working behind the scenes to get everything in place to ensure our team are ready to support our customers.

Together, what can we do to ensure your staff remain connected and there is as little negative impact on your business as possible; should the country go into lockdown?



If your staff need to connect their device to the internet and have either poor or no connection at home, we offer a mobile broadband solution –

  • You can choose to have a 4G mobile dongle – connecting through major UK networks including EE, O2 or Vodafone. This connects to a single USB device, or
  • a MiFi Device – where you can connect multiple devices via Wi-Fi from a single access point


This will mean each individual can continue to connect to the internet and are able to email or connect to web-based programs. For example, at One Connectivity, anyone who works from home can still access programs such as Office365, CRM and our Partner Portals.



Firstly, check that each member of the team has a reliable internet connection. If they don’t, talk to us and we can explain your options.

By using the iPECS handsets

  • You can opt to transfer calls using the iPECS mobile app where calls via mobiles will operate the same way as an office desk phone.
  • If a customer calls your landline, you can set up which mobiles you want to ring.
  • Dial out and transfer calls using your mobile but from your office number.
  • Your mobile phone is now just an extension of your existing phone system.
  • If the workstation at home is in a convenient location (close to a router and power supply) you can order an adaptor from One Connectivity to use alongside the Ericsson-LG iPECS phone – simply plug in and go!
  • If you’re already a Cloud customer, you only need a power adapter. Your desk phone can be plugged into your router from home and will still use your office numbers and set up.


As well as ensuring your team have the correct devices (mobile phone, desktops, laptops, tablets etc) to access their everyday programs, you also need to be sure that they are able to remain connected by phone or email – giving your customers and partners the service and support they require with little or no disruption.


If you need more information on how we can assist you with your telephony, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tel – 0115 896 8860

Email – hello@oneconnectivity.co.uk


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