How to tailor your business WiFi to your team

Does your Wifi meet your needs blog

How to tailor your business WiFi to your team

Business WiFi is a really unique product. The connectivity service used to power a business is very different from the kind you use at home. The speeds advertised by consumer providers might be ideal for watching Netflix, but can’t power an office full of people. There are many different business WiFi services available to your team, so we understand that the process of finding the right service for you might be a daunting one.

Many smaller businesses are working on a WiFi service that doesn’t support the needs of their teams, this can lead to downtime and generally low upload and download speeds, not great for productivity or customer service. Thankfully business-grade WiFi services are more accessible and affordable than ever. Today we’ll cover why business WiFi is so important and how to find the right solution based on your team’s needs.

Does your Wifi meet your needs blog

Work with the limitations of your space


When building your business WiFi solution, there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. You need a service that is cost-effective, facilitates your essential services and can support your team as it grows.

Many businesses also struggle with maintaining WiFi coverage across their whole office. If you use a consumer-grade service then it’s likely centralised in one location, and may struggle to provide a reliable connection across your entire site. Dedicated business WiFi providers have recognised this issue and we can implement a tailored solution to help.

If you work with a business WiFi service, then you are provided with access points that keep your entire premise connected. This means that your main router is connected via hidden wires to hubs that can be strategically placed to ensure maximum coverage. This means that there’s no need for staff to move around trying to find a decent signal.


Understand your team’s requirements


Different businesses will have different needs when it comes to their WiFi. For some industries, the basics will be enough. Many others are relying on a huge range of connected technology that must be prioritised.

High download speeds have to be a priority for nearly all professional services teams. Social media, large files and video content are now part of daily operations for many businesses. Guaranteeing that you can access high download speeds allows you to increase workplace productivity and avoid the morale dip that comes from a painfully slow connection.

While download speeds are essential for all, uploads are a bit more complicated but are becoming all the more necessary. Video conferencing is one area where a high upload speed is essential. This service is more popular than ever, with some businesses even replacing their entire sales process with video calls. This service does require a high upload speed, in order to bring clearer audio and visuals across to your customers. High upload speeds also allow you to maintain more services on your network such as security software, websites and VPNs.


Address your customer’s needs


When customers visit your business, can you reliably get them online? Businesses working in sectors such as events, retail and hospitality don’t just need to provide a reliable connection for their staff, but for their customers as well.

Customers rank free, high-speed WiFi as one of the most valuable additional services that any business can offer them. Being able to get your customers online means that they won’t be in such a hurry to leave. It also means you can direct them to any online stores or sales offerings that your business has. For this to work though, you need to make sure you have a powerful enough download speed, and access points in your highest footfall areas.

Thankfully we offer business WiFi that can be tailored to even the most open outdoor spaces, designed to keep your customers happy in any environment.


Create a connection for the future


Your WiFi might support you now, but can it power your team for years to come? Many businesses adopt one service and stick with it until it reaches its breaking point. As the past 18 months has shown, businesses need to stay adaptable and need to be ready to embrace new technology at a moment’s notice. Does your team have a WiFi service that facilitates this need?

We’ve got you covered here. Our WiFi platform is completely scalable. Allowing you to add new access points, and connect new buildings with ease as your operation expands. Our deployment service is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. We’ll get in, install your service and be out of your hair in no time. We even have a remote monitoring platform that allows us to resolve any issues on your network before they become a threat.


For more information about our business WiFi services get in touch at 0115 896 88 60.


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