How WiFi 6 can benefit your business and how you can access it in 2022

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How WiFi 6 can benefit your business and how you can access it in 2022

It’s difficult to predict which technology and services will define a new year. 2022 is set to bring a number of new innovations that will support businesses in the workplace and from home. From more ‘internet of things’ enabled services to an even greater expansion of cloud technology, there’s a lot to be excited about. With all these new innovations on the way though, businesses need a connectivity service that can support them.

The 5G roll out is well under way, and if you have one of the latest mobile devices then you are likely already making the most of it. However, you might not have heard about 5G’s WiFi alternative, WiFi 6.

WiFi 6 is the next step in wireless architecture and has been introduced in response to the high number of connected services that businesses now use. The roll-out of this service began in 2020 but is set to truly take off this year. All you need is a connectivity service that can support it. In today’s blog we’ll cover the benefits that WiFi 6 has over its predecessors, and how your business can take advantage of it.


1. Faster speeds


OK, this one is fairly self-explanatory. WiFi 6 is the next step in WiFi infrastructure. Naturally, one of the biggest focus points has been to improve the speed of the network. However, WiFi 6 improves speeds in a way that can really help businesses.

Firstly, through an improvement to a technology called MU-MIMO (Multiple User, Multiple-in, Multiple-out) more devices can now connect to a single network. This is ideal for using the internet in busy spaces. Previously you might have noticed that it’s near impossible to access a consistent connection in places like stadiums, event venues or in public places like train stations. With WiFi 6, this is a problem of the past.

Your business can use this technology to host better events, delivering engaging content to more people simultaneously. On a smaller scale, this can also be used around your office to stop devices interfering with one another.

In real terms you should see about a 20–40% increase in speeds in your office when you upgrade to WiFi 6.


2. Stay connected for longer


Using the internet is a battery-intensive process. You’ll find that the more online services you use, the quicker your phone or laptop loses charge. As a society that works on the go more than ever, it’s important to conserve battery life.

WiFi 6 can help here. It includes a new feature called TWT (Target Wait Time) that more accurately determines which devices need to make a connection to WiFi. This accuracy means that devices don’t drain battery accessing the internet unless they absolutely need to. This improves both your battery life, and the bandwidth that people nearby can access.


3. Improve compatibility with the latest technology


There are a huge number of applications and online services that can support your business. Everything from VPNs, security services like firewalls and cloud services like Office 365 have a role to play in keeping your operation running safely and smoothly. Many businesses don’t currently have the bandwidth to support all of these services, and WiFi 6 can help.

TWT also allows your WiFi service to dedicate more bandwidth to background services like the ones mentioned above. Systems like firewalls and websites can be essentially maintained in ‘low-power mode’, with more speed being dedicated to intensive devices like phones and laptops.

This process is also future-proof. New internet-enabled devices are being introduced constantly, with 2022 already set to further expand the internet of things. Having internet enabled cars and fridges is great but not when they compete with your essential business processes. WiFi 6 ensures that they don’t take up all your bandwidth.


4. Work with your current infrastructure


Unlike 5G, WiFi 6 is readily available for the majority of businesses in the UK right now. This is because it largely operates over the same infrastructure as its predecessor, WiFi 5. All you need are devices that can connect to this network, and you can start making use of the benefits.

At One Connectivity, we’ve partnered with connectivity provider Ubiquiti to offer businesses a huge range of great connectivity services. Ubiquiti have a series of WiFi 6 enabled routers and access points now available, and we can help you to access and install them in a cost-effective way.

If your router is more than two years old, you’re looking to move office or are encountering slower speeds than usual in your office then get in touch. Our team can carry out a full site survey and advise on the best connectivity service to support you moving forward. You can reach out team at 0115 896 88 60.

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