How your communication platform can help you work efficiently

Efficiency blog post

How your communication platform can help you work efficiently

Efficiency is a word at the forefront of business right now, especially since the start of the pandemic. Many industries have had to spend the last few months making up for

lost time with their customers. So being able to handle crucial processes quickly is key.

Efficiency is not just about getting the job done quickly though, it’s about getting it done right. That’s where your technology can help. There are a range of services available to businesses, that are designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. Here at One Connectivity, we’ve spent time working with the UK’s top suppliers to help you distinguish what works from what doesn’t. To help with this we’ve created our guide to the communication services that can help your team to work more efficiently.

Efficiency blog post

Access relevant customer data quickly

Customer service processes are always improved when staff have the full picture of each customer’s needs. From simple things like their name, to more advanced detail involving their unique requirements. Your communication service can help make these details easily accessible.

Our communication platform integrates seamlessly alongside a variety of well-known CRMs. This integration makes life far more convenient for staff in customer facing roles. Whenever an existing customer dials in to your business, their details will automatically pop up on screen of whoever is answering their call. This means that your staff can firstly greet them by name and get to grips with their issue more quickly.

Global search features mean that if your staff need to reach a certain customer quickly. They can simply search for them within your phone system and see relevant details within seconds. Providing a much-needed boost to your customer service.

Provide better training to every member of staff


Training new staff or existing staff in new processes can be very time consuming. If you don’t have a complete series of training materials at your disposal, it can often feel like a process of trial and error. With the right technology, your staff training can be organised, efficient and effective.

Call recording services are fantastic for ensuring compliance with industry regulations and settling any awkward disputes. They are also an amazing training tool. You can simply record a phone call between a customer and one of your most experienced operators to use as an example. This can give new staff or those who need a little extra help with a precise reference point for what they should be aiming to achieve. Similarly, you can record calls of those who are struggling and work with them to resolve areas for improvement.


Selecting the right method of communication for the job


There was a period at the start of the pandemic where it felt like all we were doing was attending video conferences. Even for simple tasks, people were very keen to jump to the video call. Whilst this service is brilliant, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

With the right communication service, you and your team can guarantee that you’re working the right way in any situation. If you do need to access a face-to-face connection with a customer, or work collaboratively alongside a team member, then video conferencing is the right choice.

If you’re working on the go and want to still present a great customer service, why not stick with the classic audio call? With the right communication service, this classic still allows you to get your point across in a crystal-clear way.

For simple requests, or when you need to prioritise speed, it is time to turn to instant messaging. Instant messaging is included as standard with our UC platform. It provides you with an incredibly quick way to reach your colleagues as needed. If you need to quickly resolve a customer query on the go, or just check if they’ve turned off the lights, instant messaging is the way to go.


Ensure you’ve got a business grade internet connection


The modern business is reliant on a strong internet connection. Nearly every essential process is powered by your broadband, so you need to get it right. Finding the right connectivity service can feel like a stab in the dark if you don’t have proper guidance.

The needs of your connectivity service will depend on your business. If you’re a team based in a rural area, then an FTTP connection could be brilliant for you. If you need to maintain multiple essential services while still working with a variety of connected devices, then we’d recommend one of our blisteringly fast leased lines. Finally, if you’re working on the go, take a look at one of our mobile broadband packages.


We hope that this blog has helped to inform you on some of the services that are making a real difference for business efficiency, to find out more about any of the services mentioned here get in touch at 01158968860.



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