Offer Enhanced Customer Service

Customer Service

Offer Enhanced Customer Service

What does customer service mean to you? Whether it’s a friendly shop assistant, or a helpful delivery driver, there’s lots of ways that a positive customer service experience can benefit us in our day to day lives. When online communication services get involved, customer service has to be handled differently, but it is just as important.

The vast majority of customers now find new businesses online. This process has only accelerated since the arrival of the pandemic, so it’s important that all companies get their online presence right. Customer service is a massive part of this, and thankfully there is now technology available that can lend a helping hand.

Customers will remember your customer service for either the right or wrong reasons. If they are wowed by your service then they will likely return time and time again. These repeat customers are becoming the backbone of many businesses. If a customer service experience is subpar, then any potential customer is unlikely to stick around. It is generally estimated that a customer will only wait on hold for 5-10 minutes, and if they aren’t satisfied within this time then they will turn elsewhere.

At One Connectivity we believe the key for effective customer service lies in the way you communicate. Here is our guide to the new solutions that can make a real difference for your team.

Customer Service

Call Analytics – Stay informed at all times


One of the main reasons that companies continue to provide poor customer service is because they have a lack of visibility into the customer’s experience. If you cannot get a clear grasp on how your team are performing, then there is no way to improve. Our call analytics package gives you all the information you need.

At a glance, your analytics service shows you the most crucial data. From the number of calls coming in, the average time spent waiting in the queue, your most efficient operators and any calls that have been missed. This provides you with the perfect platform for making improvements. Follow-up on any potential customers that you missed, reward your best teams and take pressure off those handling too much.


CRM Integration – Create true efficiency


It’s always nice when the services you use for business work alongside one another. Especially when remote working is considered, it can be incredibly valuable to have all your tools in one place. This is what CRM integration offers.

CRM integration allows you to connect your communications systems with your customer database to create an all-in-one solution. This keeps your team fully informed, when a customer dials in you can see the details that matter to you. This means you can greet customers by name, and understand their enquiry right away based on their account. This means you can provide great customer service, even if you’re working remotely.


Intelligent Call Routing – Help customers reach the right person for the job


One of the most frustrating things when calling any business is speaking to a different operator anytime you dial in. Our services feature intelligent call routing that allows you to guarantee that customers always reach the person they actually need, cutting out the hassle.

You can set certain requests to be directed to individual users or specific teams. This means your support team can handle service and technical issues, whilst new customers are directed to your sales team. You can also set your system to direct customers to the person they spoke to last, creating a more personal service.

Call routing also allows you to keep your customer experience working during busy hours, by directing customers away from overwhelmed teams to others or even teams at a different branch. Similarly, you can also use this service to keep home workers in the loop.


Auto-attendant – Solve enquiries in record time

Usually, customer enquiries only concern a few common questions that can be answered in a few words. This could be answered by a member of your team but could just as easily be automated. An auto-attendant can simplify this process and take some pressure off your team.

Auto-attendants can answer simple questions as soon as customers dial in. This can be anything from your opening hours, your Covid19 precautions or other useful information. You can also inform customers where they are in the call queue, so they can call back later if they are particularly busy. This means that customers receive a satisfactory answer before they even reach your team.


Call Recording – provide real examples for training


All the services listed here help you to improve your customer service right now, but we also offer services to help you guarantee success moving forward. Call recording is one of these services.

With our platform you can unobtrusively record calls while complying with all the latest guidelines. You can use these calls as a digital signature of the services customers asked for, or use them for training purposes. If you record a call from one of your standout performers, you can use this as a training resource for any new hires. Similarly, you can record users who are struggling and work through any issues together.


These services have the potential to enhance all of your business’ customer-oriented processes. Its’ vital that you get this right, and working with intelligent technology is a fantastic way to guarantee success. For more information, get in touch with the One Connectivity team at 01158968860



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