Phone systems that offer integrations

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Phone systems that offer integrations

In the current business environment, there is a lot of uncertainty. From Brexit to Covid, businesses need to ensure that all their individual elements are always up and running. Thankfully, plenty of new tools have emerged to help teams work in a better way. From making collaboration simple, even on the go, to making customer interactions truly bespoke. There’s a lot of technology that has made life easier for teams in every sector and look like they’re here to stay.

As technology providers here at One Connectivity, we feel that it’s our responsibility to help ensure that the technology we offer works in tandem with each other, as well as the most popular tools available to businesses today. That’s why we’re so eager to talk about the integrations available on our phone systems. These are designed to give businesses some much needed clarity to the way that they interact with their colleagues and their customers.

Integrations blog

CRM Integrations create new customer service possibilities


No matter the industry, the vast majority of businesses work with technologythat simplifies their customer interactions. From tools such as Salesforce that is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, to more specialist tools such as the dental CRM Dentally or the Real Estate system Propertybase.

Our phone systems can integrate alongside 100s of the top CRM systems in the UK. This has a huge amount of potential for opening up new possibilities in the way you interact with customers.

One of these new features available is screen popping. This feature opens a small pop-up from your CRM every time one of your existing customer calls your business. The pop-up contains all the useful information you might need about this customer, from their name to their current services. This allows your team to tailor their call process to this customer’s exact needs, both speeding up the call process and providing a bespoke service.

CRM integrations also allow you to make your customer service more efficient. If you work with a unified communications system, you can instantly transfer customer details from your CRM to your phone system. Meaning you can search for the customer you need quickly, and simply click their number to initiate a call. This speeds up your customer service process and makes it more accessible for your staff, no matter which device they use.


Turn MS Teams into a Communications Powerhouse


Over the past year, every business has had to find new ways to work effectively from a remote environment. One of the services that has been an absolute lifesaver is Microsoft Teams. Teams has given many businesses a chance to access high-quality face-to-face communications, no matter their technical ability or device.

Our phone systems can work seamlessly alongside Teams at any level without any additional software or hardware. This allows you to enhance Teams with all the features you’d expect from a modern phone system.

While you can make or receive Teams calls through your phone system, the added extras can really take you the extra mile. Teams Call Recording allows you to discretely monitor customer calls for training purposes, to ensure regulatory compliance or to protect staff in the case of dispute.

Call statistics are also included. Through this you can view your busiest times of day for Teams calls, your most effective operators and guarantee that any missed customer calls are handled quickly. These features combine to provide your staff with a complete communication platform via Teams, no matter where they are working.



Discover new ways to stay working at your best


Integrations aren’t all focussed on communications. They can also help your whole team to work in a more effective and organised way. Our systems integrate alongside well-known productivity software, such as Office 365, Outlook and Sage. These systems provide new ways to collaborate with your team and enable productivity in any environment.

Office 365 integration is a fantastic way to bring the collaborative environment of the office to remote teams. Using this service you can work together with colleagues on Documents, PowerPoints, Spreadsheets and more from any location in real time. Other services are available with this functionality, but Office 365 brings you a holistic experience with an interface that everybody already understands.

Collaboration is important, but so is organisation. Thankfully, our systems integrate with software to help keep your staff in check. Outlook integration means that your team can view their calendars directly through their phone systems. This allows you to schedule meetings with remote staff and external users in a much more organised way. This also enables you to quickly initiate calls directly through an email.

All of these systems combine to create one go-to platform for all of your communication needs.


We hope this guide has given you some new ideas on the ways that phone system integrations can benefit your business. There really is something here that can help any team. To find out more about integrations, or any of our other communication services get in touch. Give us a call at 0115 896 88 60. Or visit our website.



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