The Top 5 Latest Comms Tech Features

Top 5 comms tech blog

The Top 5 Latest Comms Tech Features

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for the communications industry. There are a huge range of technologies that have either just launched or are on their way that will make a big difference for both teams working in this industry or the end users receiving them. From developments in connectivity to new ways to keep people in touch with one another, consumers and businesses alike can see a huge range of new opportunities emerging.

At One Connectivity we’re an independent communications provider. This means we constantly have to have our noses to the ground when it comes to searching out the latest innovations. Rather than only supplying technology from one provider, we offer any service we think is best for our customers. Naturally the latest services on the market are very important to us. Here is our list of new communication technology features that we think will make a real difference.


Top 5 comms tech blog

5G: The one that you’ve already heard of


The upgrade to the UK’s mobile network has finally arrived, and has brought a whole range of new advancements and conveniences with it. These new developments are designed to boost collaboration and productivity in any environment.

The obvious benefit of 5G is the high upload and download speeds that it offers, but more importantly it offers these speeds in a range of new locations. It was once nearly impossible to receive a reliable signal when working in busy cities or events, but with 5G it is possible. You can now share files, and host video conferences with your team reliably on the go.

Ultra-low latency means that with 5G, you can quickly send a large volume of information to many devices at once, facilitating new ways to teach, host webinars and deliver marketing information in crowded environments.

There are a variety of industry specific benefits that 5G will bring, relating to it’s fast reaction times, check out this blog to find out more.


WebRTC: Making communications accessible to all


The rise of video conferencing has been astonishing. Over the past year businesses have gone from using this technology sparingly, to using it as an essential part of every day working. WebRTC takes it to the next level.

WebRTC takes the technology that is used to power our internet browsers, and uses it to host communications. This means that you can essentially host a real-time conversation with anyone. You are no longer reliant on having the same application or phone system as the person you are trying to call, just an internet browser.

This opens up a huge amount of opportunities, but it makes interacting with customers easier than ever before. WebRTC calls can be accessed simply by clicking a link or QR Code, this means you can initiate a call between new customers or existing ones almost instantly. There’s no installation or compatibility issues, just click a link and start communicating. This can revolutionise sales and support processes.


WiFi 6: The next step in connectivity


While 5G captures the headlines, businesses might find even more benefits from it’s WiFi equivalent. We arguably use WiFi even more than mobile data, and its 6th generation comes with a variety of new features.

Powered by TWT technology, WiFi 6 allows connected devices to use the internet in a much more efficient way. Supporting devices in crowded areas, and making sure that any internet usage is more battery efficient. Instead of keeping everyone connected at all times, WiFi 6 only powers you when you need it, so there’s a lot less competition for bandwidth.

WiFi 6 supports maximum data rates of up to 9.6 Gbps, this is about 20-40% quicker than the current WiFi 5 network that launched in 2014. Like 5G the rollout of WiFi 6 is ongoing and you need a compatible device to access it, get in touch with our team if you’d like to find out more.


WebChat and Chatbots: Making the most of the new normal


90% of customers now find the services they need online. We’ve all heard about the ‘death of the high street’ and how it’s been replaced with internet-based services. There will always be a need for customers to ask questions though, even if millennial audiences are averse to phone calls. This is where Webchat has shone.

Webchat can be built-in to your business communications service and gives you a new avenue of communication with prospective or existing customers. They can simply ask a question through a chatbox on your site, and either you or an automated system can respond to their questions. This provides a quick and intuitive way for your customer to reach a real person and begin a bespoke experience with your business.

Webchat is available as part of our unified communications service. Click here to find out more.


Intelligent routing: A new approach to the contact centre experience


Call routing technology has been around for years. It is a staple of the office and contact centre experience. But new services are emerging that make the process even more intuitive for customers and staff.

Intelligent routing is powered by AI and customer response. Directing them automatically when they dial into your business. Your system will then send them to the user best equipped to suit their needs, whether it is your most able engineer or just the person they last spoke to. These intuitive systems are redefining the customer service experience.

These are the 5 communication services that we think will come to define 2021. For more information on any of these services or how they can help your team get in touch! You can reach our team on 0115 896 88 60.



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