Time to get professional

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Time to get professional

At One Connectivity, we always aim to champion small businesses. We’ve worked with many teams over the years, improving their communications and connectivity. In this time, we’ve seen how larger enterprises can effectively buy their way to the top. A lot of technology is locked behind some serious paywalls and without this tech smaller teams can be disadvantaged.

Small business professionalism blog

This doesn’t have to be the case though; modern technology providers are now creating new ways to access these services. Through this, smaller teams can access a vast range of new tools that can improve their customer service and help them to compete with larger enterprises. In this blog we’ll cover a few of these new services and take a closer look at how they can impact businesses like yours. It’s time to get professional.


On-hold Marketing: keep customers engaged


Waiting in the queue to speak to a business is unlikely to be a very fun experience. Not every call queue is equal however, some businesses leave you waiting with no contact for what feels like hours. Others understand the importance of an engaging experience and use technology to help.

On hold marketing services can liven up the waiting experience. From here you can inform your customer about their position in the queue, play music and add in your own messages. This can be answers to your FAQs or marketing material for your additional services. Using this service means that you can often answer customer enquiries before they even reach your team, or drive sales for your other products.


Call Management: Support professionalism at every step


When a customer dials in to your business, there must be a clear process in place to handle their needs in a timely manner. Our phone systems allow businesses of any scale to implement this process.

One of the features that helps with this process is seamless call transferring. Based on a customer’s needs, you can quickly direct them to the staff member that can best handle their needs. If they require support help, direct them instantly to the tech team. If they are a new customer, you can move them instantly to a member of your sales staff.

If a business doesn’t have this ability and is constantly taking forever to pass you over to different members of staff, it can feel worryingly unprofessional.

This whole process is supported by unbeatable audio quality. Our VoIP phone systems can provide crystal-clear audio, anywhere with a stable internet connection. This can be invaluable in businesses where providing a professional image is essential.


Video conferencing: Communicate in the clearest way


The past 18 months has demonstrated why video conferences can be so invaluable to businesses. Not only are they a quick and easy way to get in touch, but they open the door for new ways to support and sell to customers.

Video conferencing can be a great way to demonstrate products, host tutorials and just show what your company is about. It is the ultimate presentation tool. Not having access to this service also has the potential to show you up. Larger enterprises are increasingly using video calls as an integral part of their sales and support process.

It’s also crucial to make sure you are using the right video conferencing service. Consumer-grade products have a tendency to crash, often limit the length of calls and are a known security risk. Our Unified Communications platform has video conferencing built in, providing you with a secure and high-quality way to access face-to-face communication. Similarly, with our solution, you can switch from an audio to video call with ease, adding another layer of professionalism.


Call recording: Train your staff and ensure compliance


Training is the most sure-fire way to ensure your customer facing processes are always improving. Obviously, it takes time to master your sales and support process, even over the phone. Call recording gives you a way to accelerate this.

Our call recording service allows you to keep a record of customer interactions securely and unobtrusively. From here you can use your top performers as a reference point for training new hires or your existing team. These call recordings are all compliant with the latest regulations. This easily allows you to improve processes without having to spend time rattling off legal details to clients.

We hope that this blog has explained some of the features that can help enhance the professionalism of your SME. We know that it’s not all about technology but implementing some of these tools alongside industry best practices can make a huge difference.

No two businesses are truly the same, that’s why we tailor our communication services to fit the need of individual teams. To find out more about what we can do for your business, get in touch. Call One Connectivity at 0115 896 88 60.




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