CRM Integration – is this for you?

CRM Integration – is this for you?

Someone gives you their phone number – you save it into your mobile phone contacts, and when that person calls, you can answer appropriately or even choose to call them back later! Why not do the same with your customers?

Who would use this? If you use a CRM, then this for you – it doesn’t matter how small or large your business, there is no minimum user requirements.

What does it do?
One of your clients call – your phone system now recognises the client from your CRM. The information will appear on your screen, thus preparing you for the call.

Clever right? With this we can also give you the ability to dial from the screen, the same as you would on your mobile, the software will auto recognise a number from a CRM and even a website and with a simple click of your mouse your phone will activate and dial. Saving you time so that you no longer have to physically dial a number, reducing the risk of incorrect dialling and wrong numbers.

Why? I think you may already have ideas yourself but just to give you an idea, you can improve customer experience, reduce misdialled numbers – increasing your efficiency as a business.

To find out more please get in touch with your One Connectivity Account Manager and we can arrange a demo of how this would work.