The Simplicity of New UC Solutions

UC simplicity blog

The Simplicity of New UC Solutions

We all like it when technology just works. It’s a fantastic feeling to have your team equipped with a new device or piece of software, and for everyone to get along with it. Not only does it save your tech team a lot of stress, it also helps to include people. No staff member should feel isolated or disadvantaged because they can’t get to grips with a piece of technology.

At One Connectivity we recognise the need for truly intuitive technology. That’s why we have been such great supporters of unified communications. Unified Communications or UC is a form of software that combines a variety of communication and productivity services. It keeps these services bundled into one app that you can access from anywhere. From this description you can see where we’re going here.

The fact the UC takes a huge number of different services, which could potentially be very complicated on their own, and places them into one simple interface, can revolutionise the day-to-day processes of many teams. In this blog we’ll take a look at how UC’s simplicity can benefit a range of businesses, as well as the added features that can make a big difference to a business like yours.

UC simplicity blog

Making video calls easy

Video calls are essential to business life. The past year showed their full versatility and how they can benefit a variety of different processes. From customer service to team collaboration, being able to maintain a face-to-face connection is invaluable.

UC makes it simpler than ever to access video conferencing. Through your app you can call on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. The call process itself is as simple as a push of a button. It also allows you to switch from an audio call directly to video, without any time lost.

UC has also have the advantage of working alongside your customer database, allowing you to get in touch with customers by simply searching for their name, and pressing “call”.

Finally, new UC services have arrived that are built around Web RTC. This allows external users to take part in video calls directly through their internet browser. Making life simpler for both you and your client base.


Making collaboration accessible


Unified Communications can completely revolutionise the way you stay in touch with your team. Simple video conferences are one thing, but how about instant messaging?

Especially in a remote environment, it might be easy to schedule a meeting, but it can be much more difficult to find out crucial information at short notice. With a UC platform you can quickly send a message to individual colleagues or groups. You aren’t limited to just sending messages though. It’s quick and easy to share images and files as well as to search for previous messages for future reference.

This process is further enhanced by UC’s presence system. This service shows which members of your staff are online at any time. This streamlines the collaborative process. If you can see a member of your team is away or on a call, they don’t need to be invited to the meeting you’re about to hold. UC provides you with the information you need, without being overwhelming.

Making remote work more productive


Working remotely is where a lot of our usual business processes can become needlessly complicated. Whether you don’t have your usual equipment or just miss the support of the usual routine, for the first few months of lockdown it was certainly tricky. However these are the kind of situations where UC platforms shine.

Some of the collaborative services we mentioned before, such as presence, work at their best when you’re working from home, but customer processes can be improved too.

Your UC platform can integrate alongside a whole variety of other software to make life simpler. One of these integrations is with customer software including CRMs such as Salesforce. These allow you to call customers directly through your CRM. It can also display useful information about individual customers as soon as they dial in.

Staying productive is difficult at home without the right scheduling or organisation. Thankfully UC services integrate with major productivity services such as Outlook and Sage. This means you can see exactly when your most important meetings and tasks are taking place, and plan accordingly. It also allows you to simply click the phone number of any user within Outlook and begin a call.


We hope this has demonstrated where the latest UC services can help your business, in the office and remotely. At One Connectivity we believe that these services can revolutionise the way you work. We’re huge fans of technology that works in an intuitive way and our UC services are the perfect example


If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our team at 0115 896 88 60.



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