iPECS Handset Guides

1050i Handset Guide

A fantastic handset that allows for a more executive experience. The 1050i includes a full colour backlit display and allows for a huge range of customisation. Ease of use is prioritised through access to your favourite contacts at the push of a button.

1040i Handset Guide

Designed to thrive in any professional services environment, the 1040i prioritises user experience and makes handling a high number of daily calls a more comfortable process. A large clear colour display is the standout feature here.

1030i Handset Guide

This versatile system is designed to work best in a huge variety of office roles. This system can be personalised to suit every individual user, with programmable keys and a clear display. It is also intuitive enough for any new user to get to grips quickly.

1010i Handset Guide

Designed to access the full benefit of the 1000i series in any location. This entry level handset is designed for implementation in areas that receive low call traffic, but still need to be connected to the rest of your network.

iPECS ONE Guides

Android User Settings & Tutorial

An introduction to the iPECS ONE mobile app. This video includes all you need to know about tailoring iPECS ONE to your needs on your mobile. Working on the go is incredible important to the modern business, and iPECS ONE facilitates this with ease.

Chrome Introduction

An introduction to iPECS ONE on Google Chrome. This video covers the login process as well as setting up your iPECS ONE client with your own user settings. From here you are free to start communicating and collaborating at your best.

Using Chat in Chrome

This video covers iPECS ONE’s chat functionality on a Chrome browser, including everything from finding the contact you’re looking for, to initiating a chat, creating a group and turning a chat into a call.

iPhone Contacts Overview

The global contacts page is your communications hub in iPECS ONE’s range of mobile apps. Here’s how to navigate this menu and make the most of its great versatility

How to Guides

How to set up a mobile extension

The ability to route a call directly to a mobile gives your team unmatched flexibility and allows for more professional work on the go. This video covers how to set up a mobile extension and how to make calls through it.

CRM Integration

How to install CRM Integration onto your iPECS Cloud platform. iPECS integrate alongside dozens of globally well-known CRMs in order to make your communications experience smoother and to improve your customer service.

How to use Teams integration

MS Teams is one of the most popular communication services in the world, and with some simple integrations it can merge seamlessly alongside your existing phone system. This guide will run you through the process quickly and easily.

How to install Outlook CRM integration

Integrations aren’t just about customer communications, they can also greatly augment your scheduling and productivity, this video will guide you through integrating your phone system alongside Outlook, allowing you to sync calendars with your team and organise better.

1000i Series User Guides

How to set up a remote IP extension

Working remotely adds a huge amount of agility to your business and can improve staff productivity and morale. Here’s how you can set up your 1000i series handset and work from home with ease.

How to connect your phone to the internet

Working via the internet rather than fixed phone lines is one of the greatest strengths of a cloud enabled phone system. Here’s how you can set up your connection and start working at your best.

How to assemble your handset

Starting with the basics, here’s how to assemble your new 1000i series handset. Every phone in this series is designed to be easy to get to grips with and is intuitive for any user.

How to add a personal voicemail

Add a personal touch to your business communications with a personal voicemail service. This video will guide you through the process of adding your voicemail and how to programme a message.

iPECS Cloud Portal

iPECS Cloud User Portal Tutorial

An introduction to the iPECS Cloud user portal. This video covers how to set up your iPECS Cloud account and some of the basics to operating the system. The ease of use and versatility of iPECS Cloud will your team work at their best, wherever they are.

How to access recorded calls

Call recording is one of the most valuable services available to businesses today. From resolving disputes, to training your staff, there are uses for every industry. Here’s how to store, access and organise your call recordings.

How to create an auto attendant

Auto attendant services can add a new level of professionalism to your phone system, allowing you to ensure customers reach the right operator quickly and helping your team to understand their enquiries quickly, here’s how to set up this service on the iPECS Cloud.

How to create and administer a hunt group

Sometimes customers don’t need to speak to a specific member of your team, just an operator who can solve their enquiry, this is why iPECS Cloud allows you to create and administer hunt groups, directing customers to any member of a specific team. Here’s how

Headset Guides

HS D1 Headset without EHS Adapter

Here’s how to set up the powerful and comfortable new HS D1 headset without an EHS Adapter.

HS D1 Headset with EHS Adapter

Here’s how to set up the powerful and comfortable new HS D1 headset without an EHS Adapter.

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