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We are Pleased to Announce our New Acquisition of Elite Telecom (Midlands) Limited

March 18, 2019 11:56 am View Post

[ Paul Stevenson & Chris Cowling ]


One Connectivity is pleased to announce the new acquisition of Elite Telecom (Midlands) Limited.

As of the 11th of March 2019, clients of Elite Telecom transferred over to One Connectivity Limited.

We are also delighted to announce that Chris Cowling of Elite Telecoms has joined One Connectivity Limited as part of this acquisition. Chris brings with him many years of management and technical experience, and we are pleased to have him join the business.

One Connectivity launched in late 2013. Over the past 5 years, we have seen successful growth and are proud to be an award-winning Business Telecoms provider, dedicated to working closely with our clients throughout the UK.

We trust that all of the clients of Elite Telecom will be increasingly satisfied with the products and services we provide and at the same time, for those who have met Chris, please join us in wishing Chris a very long and successful future with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to assure all clients of One Connectivity that there will be little change to how you are looked after. However, if you would like to discuss how we can help you, or should you have any maintenance or technical support requirements, please feel free to contact our team on 0115 896 8860 or email

We look forward to another exciting new chapter at One Connectivity.


Best Wishes

Paul Stevenson
Managing Director


Congratulations Steve!

October 4, 2018 10:54 am View Post

A huge congratulations to Head of Unified Communications, Steve Hannah, who was awarded the ” The Buttsy Directors Award 2018′

So what is the story behind the award?

As some may be aware, we very sadly lost one of our Directors, Phil Butts, late 2017.

The Directors here at One Connectivity wanted to create this in honour of Phil, so, for the first time ever the four voted for who they felt thoroughly deserved this.

Steve has brought with him many years of experience, his overall performance since joining OC has been outstanding, and his dedication and commitment to the business is second to none.

Not only bringing with him an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise in business phone systems, Steve has been fully committed in sharing and training his team, bringing them up to date and ensuring our team are some of the best within the business telecoms industry.

Thank you and a huge well done Steve!

Why Ericsson-LG Through Pragma & The OC Team For The Hybrid System

May 11, 2017 8:00 am View Post

We very recently touched on about the switch from ISDN to SIP/Hosted – so today we would like to focus on our preferred choice for the Hybrid System, and introduce you to the team that will guide you through the right solution and support it.

You may well have heard of both Ericsson and LG as brands – but who are Pragma, and how are they involved?

Pragma Distribution were founded in 2012 by David George, Tim Brooks and Will Morley, plus a bright, young dynamic and motivated team of experts in distribution. Their sole purpose was designed to support the channel resellers and Ericsson-LG in bringing iPECS Unified Communications technology to the UK market.

Like One Connectivity, Pragma are a trusted partner and bring a real family feel to the reseller channel by building long term relationships to culminate in a mutual success. It is their ethos, attitude and constant commitment to training and development that really allows us to help our customers. Their knowledge and flexibility allow us to do the best job every time and we are proud to be part of their team and hopefully their growth.


Ericsson LG & Pragma Unified Technology

Pragma are the UK’s only distributor of Ericsson-LG. This may seem a brave strategy by one of the world’s largest technology companies, however what is really important to them is their brand and keeping their good name intact. To help them to achieve this goal they decided that they needed a distributor that would work hard to develop its resellers and not just shift boxes. They needed a distributor that would embrace the brand and live and breathe it. Which is exactly what Pragma do daily.

As the name suggests, it is a joint venture between Ericsson and LG electronics which was formed in 2010. The combination of two of the worlds largest technology companies has and will continue to deliver market leading communication solutions to enterprises of all sizes as they empower Telco’s around the world with a full range of wired, wireless and optical telecommunications.


The One Connectivity – SIP & Hosted – Team

Please meet the team who are experts in this field at One Connectivity who understand the products and at the same time are incredible at looking after our customers!

In the middle, we have Steve who will match a product to your needs exactly and make you feel safe in his 30 years’ knowledge of the industry.

To the left we have Paul-Simon who started working for Steve 20 years ago as an apprentice engineer and have since been installing the LG product for 17 years.

And last but not least we have Kerry, who will guide you through the process of site survey, installation and back up support thereafter.

Do get in touch with us should you wish to understand how we can help your business and how we work!

Welcome – Latest Blog News

April 25, 2017 12:09 pm View Post

Welcome to the first of our new weekly blog feature.

It’s been a little ad hoc to this point so we thought that we would tell you about some of the insights and information that we are going to share with you over the next few weeks and months.

one connectivity uk ltd

The One Connectivity Story & Our Future

We are very proud of what we have built here at One Connectivity and feel it’s time that we should share some of our successful moments from the last three years, but also look at the challenges we have faced along the way. We also believe that as our business continues to grow, we should share with you how we are doing it – along with the right and wrong paths that we will inevitably take. During this feature, our team will be open about our proud moments, mistakes and what we have learnt. We hope this will help other SME businesses and partners who are either at the start of their journey or have reached a point where you may be ready to look at doing things differently in this rapidly developing world of business.


Industry News

Having worked in different market sectors we can honestly say that in our opinion there is no faster paced industry than Telecommunications and Technology. Innovative technology is constantly being developed to help businesses around how they automate process and streamline operations, which needs to be communicated to all and not just larger corporations. We can’t promise that all technological advances will be relevant to your business but we can ensure that you are kept up to date of current news in our industry that could help you. We will also where possible show real examples of how these advances have helped real customers.

Staff News at One Connectivity

The life blood of our business and any business, are the team that work within it – so why not share some of their stories both in and out of the office! We have a diverse group of people that work at One Connectivity who take part in a diverse set of hobbies. This feature is to provide a bit of light hearted fun, and may include the charity work the team are involved in, their travel experiences, things to do with the family, or something just for a good giggle!

We will also introduce a bio on all new and existing staff to give you a flavour of who you talk to at One Connectivity.



And finally, for the last feature of every month we will run a competition that will have multi choice questions about the previous posts that month for the chance to win some great prizes!!

Like any fledgling information forum, some will be relevant and some not so, but we are sure that there will be something for everyone, every month.


So hang tight, and look out for our first official post next Tuesday following the Bank Holiday which will cover –

Ericsson LG through Pragma Distribution, the Hybrid Phone System and Death of ISDN.


We look forward to having you back soon but in the meantime, keep a look out for more news and of what’s happening behind the scenes at One Connectivity on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram!

Hello & Welcome

January 23, 2014 10:00 am View Post

Thank you for calling by our blog – the One Team look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest communication news and updates from the One Connectivity office.

One Connectivity Limited

Who Are One?

We are a leading and independent provider of communications in –

  • Hosted Solutions
  • Mobile Voice & Data
  • Fixed Line
  • Phone Systems
  • Tablet Solutions
  • IT Services
  • Connectivity and
  • Tracking & Lone Worker Solutions


Based in the East Midlands, our team travel around the UK offering independent and expert advice to the SME and LME marketplace on how to work more efficiently with the right communication tools and to stay up to date with the latest technology.

Partnering with some of the biggest suppliers, our aim is to offer our clients the best value for money and we believe in giving you the best possible service by ensuring what we offer you is bespoke and suitable for your business.

Not only does excellent products matter to you and us, our main aim is to ensure we give you fantastic customer service as well as the great long term working relationship we aim to achieve by working closely with you.

Don’t forget to visit our blog regularly to find out more about One and to keep up to date with our latest products, services, communication advice and tips!


If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us by emailing us at – or call 0115 896 88 60    


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